Don’t hijack my rainbow!

Princess castle cakes. Airplane cakes. Green dragon cakes. My Mom could make them all. Every childhood birthday was celebrated with a creative masterpiece made of cake and frosting.

I did not inherit the culinary-awesomeness gene, and so when my daughter requested a “rainbow party” for her birthday, I was more than a little relieved. Foods in ROYGBIV? Cherry Tomatoes, Oranges, Pineapple, Green Grapes, Blueberries and Juice – DONE! Rainbow Cake? Easy to arrange. Party decor? A few colored streamers here and there – DONE! I was getting excited.

But then the questions began: “Are you really going to throw a rainbow party in this (very liberal, very LGBT-friendly) town?” “Do you think that’s really (deep breath and hushed tones) … appropriate?


Me: “but it’s a birthday party for a 2-year old!”

Concerned friend: “I know, but…. it’s a rainbow party, and you know what rainbows represent.”

I do know what rainbows represent. Rainbows are a sign of God’s promise to us, of His continued commitment to His creation. That blessed mingling of refracted light in suspended water is our visual “wedding ring” – it’s a sign of His promise.

South Africa may use rainbows to celebrate it being a “rainbow nation” – a multi-ethnic country. The LGBT community may use rainbows to celebrate gay pride. The Irish may use rainbows in their folklore to direct people to leprechauns and pots of gold. But none of them get to hijack the rainbow.

Rainbows don’t belong to South Africa, leprechauns or the gay community. They belong to God.

The miracle of DNA doesn’t belong to science. It was crafted by God.

Sex doesn’t belong to Hollywood. It was invented by God.

Truth isn’t determined by courts. It is spoken by God.

Music doesn’t belong to iTunes. It existed with God in eternity.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” – Psalm 24:1

“Every good and perfect gift comes from God above.” – James 1:17

We had a rainbow party. It was awesome.


Don’t let anyone hijack your rainbows. Joy, truth, beauty, mathematics, music, the rain that falls from the sky… it’s all from Him and through Him and to Him.

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