Christianity includes all y’all, from Syria to Egypt to Texas

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Of all the unlikely places in the world, I first heard the phrase “all y’all” in a small classroom at the southern tip of Africa.

We were novice, New Testament Greek students, trying our hand at deciphering Koine phrases into workable English. We got stuck on the pronoun “humin.” In our English Bibles, we read it as “you,” but “you” wasn’t the best translation. “Humin” is a plural pronoun, the second-person cousin to “we” and “our.” All we had were “you” and its first-person cousins “I” and “me.”

“What we need,” our seminary professor said, “is to borrow a little from the American South. They have a way of expressing ‘you’ plural: ‘all y’all.’” Keep reading here….</em>

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  1. Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago; baring in mind what you’ve written you may be interested.

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