For The Ice Cream Days


I’m over at Ungrind today with a post about a day when I was feeling harassed and helpless. Here’s a sneak peek:

My phone dinged with a text from a friend with a link to a sermon. “Listen to it now!” she gushed. “It’s a game-changer.”

I don’t usually listen to sermons in the middle of the day, but I had just settled my toddler down for quiet time and was about to tackle the embarrassingly long list of to-do’s scratched on an assortment of post-its on my desk. I had some time, and I considered my options. Listen to the sermon? Get things done? Or drown in a vat of ice cream?

You see, the day had had a pretty awful start.

My oldest had thrown a tantrum because she could not find the matching stockings to go with the dress she just had to wear today. She lay on the stairs screaming. Everyone was late. The preschooler had a field trip scheduled for later in the day, and was so excited about it that he could do nothing else but sulk and suck his thumb because the three hours between now and field trip time were like dog years to him. And the toddler was doing a Houdini impersonation instead of getting dressed. As usual.  (Click over to Ungrind to read the rest…)