Scanning The Crowd for Love

Today I’m over at my friend Cara Meredith’s blog, where she has a wonderful little series called “The Little Things”, telling about how it’s the small details of life that sometimes make such a very big difference (great series, right?) I LOVED getting to write this – it’s the awkward and unlikely story of the little thing that made me realize the guy I thought was Not My Type had perhaps more to him than I had realized. Click on over to Cara’s right away (and look around while you’re there!), or read here for a preview 🙂

Amanpreet Kaur - Couple Holding Hands (Flickr Creative Commons)

Amanpreet Kaur – Couple Holding Hands (Flickr Creative Commons)

He stood at my front door with a sheepish grin and a bomber jacket that really should have stayed in 1987. He was late. He mumbled. He seemed uncomfortable.

However, he was new to town and I was ‘practicing hospitality’, as it were, so I welcomed him in and introduced him to the dozen friends at the table. We made conversation over dinner: he was an engineer, he had traveled, he had quit his job to spend a year at seminary reading. He was introverted, mathematical. He needed a new jacket.

I sized him up: he was the perfect guy.

For somebody else.

Putting on my Emma-matchmaker hat, I made a mental list of quiet, mathematical girls I could introduce him to. This could work out nicely, I thought.


(OK, Go! Go! Go! Over to Cara’s Right Away!)