Excuses excuses

Tiredness is no excuse for selfishness and sinfulness.

Just yesterday I wondering how much to correct and discipline my whiny, disobedient, unhappy child – given that I knew that she was over-tired, still recovering from a cold, and had suffered a nasty bump to the head which I suspected had given her a headache. Given the mitigating factors, should she still be given a time-out or smacked for blatant disobedience? Should I give in to the tears for raisins? Will I be helping her by indulging her while she’s not well, or actually make things worse by being inconsistent?

I don’t know.

But it occurred to my over-tired, self-indulgently petulant self this morning that the answer is probably not all that different for my kid as it should be for me right now. Just because I’m tired and grumpy doesn’t mean I can snap at My husband, complain all the time, sulk while making breakfast, and exhibit horribly self-centered and impatient behavior. Tiredness, just like illness, does not excuse sinfulness. It may call for compassion, but it doesn’t exempt evil.

So no extra raisins for my daughter. And no pity parties for me. At least not this afternoon, so help me God.

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    • Thanks for your kind words! My kids are three little mirrors daily reflecting me back to myself, and as with all mirrors, I sometimes don’t like what I see and it tells me I have some work to do…. But still, better to have seen it, right?

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