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Reflecting on last year brought a mixture of both joyful remembrance and sad regret. The regrets were mostly on the homefront: regret for the hours I spent “minding” my kids instead of raising them, “tolerating” my husband instead of loving him. Sins of omission, rather than commission.

While reading and reflecting I was greatly encouraged by an excerpt from a letter by Catherine Booth to her husband (the founders of the Salvation Army). This is my prayer for the year ahead.

“If you will seek home, love home, be happy at home, I will spend my energies in trying to make it a more than ordinary one;

it shall, if my ability can do it, be a spot sunny and bright, pure and calm, refined and tender, a fit school in which to train immortal spirits for a holy and glorious heaven, a fit resting-place for a spirit pressed and anxious about public duties;

but oh, I know it is easy to talk, I feel how liable I am to fall short,
but it is well to purpose right,
to aim high,
to hope much;

yes, we will make home to each other the brightest spot on earth, we will be tender, thoughtful, loving and forbearing, will we not? Yes, we will!”

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