How can a blog be born when it is old?

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Well hello there, World Wide Web. This is my new blog.

New, you ask? Aren’t there posts here from seven years ago? To paraphrase Jesus’ midnight conversation partner Nicodemus: “how can a blog be born when it is already old?”

Here’s how. I’ve been writing online for a few years: an assortment of newsletters, photo albums, links to things I’ve enjoyed, travelogues, and among them all – some articles and bible musings and social commentary. My mom and friends like the former, but those who want to read the latter don’t need to wade through 500 photos of my kids being cute to find it.

So I’m breaking them up. Public conversation here. Private conversation elsewhere. And I’ve started by moving a few of my older pieces onto this blog and backdating them for honesty’s sake. Please feel free to click around, read and comment. I look forward to hearing from you!

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