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I loved Rachel Jankovic from the first minute of the first article I ever read of hers. It sent me trawling the Internet to find more of her writing. I read all I could at Desiring God.

I ordered her book loving the little years: motherhood in the trenches and soaked it in. It was pithy, honest, wise and helpful. And most importantly for a mom of little ones, it was short. Loved it. Loved her.

I recently discovered that together with her wonderfully talented sisters and mother in law, she blogs at Femina. While reading back on past posts, I discovered something that made me love her even more.

In one post a few months back, she stuck her neck out and wrote a piece on farmers, food and our ethical responsibilities. I could see where she was coming from, but was hesitant to give it my usual hearty amen. She took a lashing in the comments section.

If it had been me, I would have cried hot, desperate tears over it all: tears of regret, sadness, humiliation and frustration. It is a terrifying thing to subject yourself to international online scrutiny. I hate to be called out on a thing, especially in front of others. If she is anything like me in this, it must have been a really tough couple of days.

But this is why I love Rachel Jankovic even more now: she wrote a piece which needed more thought and polish. She could have pulled it from the site, but she didn’t. Instead, she admitted to it needing more thought.

The site requires comments to be approved by a moderator before they are published. She could have refused to publish the harshest and angriest of her critics. She didn’t.

Her humility and courage in handling a situation that might certainly have caused this young blogger to cringe and quit writing were deeply encouraging to me. She could have stopped writing, but she didn’t.

I’m so glad she didn’t. I have learned so much from her great pieces (which 97k people loved, according to the sites stats!), but I also learned from the piece she perhaps wished she had written differently. I may not have learned something new about food, but I learned something about humility and grace in blogging.

Yet another reason to love Rachel.

P.s. Go back and click on that first link now. Go! Go! Go!

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