My house is not messy

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My House is Not Messy... It is filled with signs of life.and love.

My house is not messy. It is well loved.

This table with paint smears and squished grapes, pock marked by forks – this table tells of fables fashioned by four year old fingers. It speaks of meals eaten together, children at home. My table is not messy. It tells tales of joy.

This floor with mud tracks and dump trucks arrayed underfoot – this floor speaks of a treasure found in the yard and brought in to share with wonder, of cities built and leveled, of civilizations conquered. My floor is not messy. It is the evidence of exploration.

This kitchen with breadcrusts and half drunk cups of water, with pots stacked high in the drying rack, sink stacked high with dishes awaiting their turn in the dishwasher – it speaks of meals together, friends invited, bodies nourished. My kitchen is not messy. It is a hearth of hospitality.

This garden with knee-high grass and a proliferation of plastic toys, with overgrown bushes and its smattering of barely-tended vegetables – this garden speaks of more time spent ho-ho-hoing than hoe-hoe-hoeing. It speaks of play. It speaks of “helpers” whose help needs much help. My garden is not messy. It is cultivating people.

This living room with pillows on the floor, grime marks on the window, books strewn in every corner – it speaks of reading forts and high adventure. My living room is not messy. It is a room we live and love in.

Another Monday morning brings another survey of my home. My eyes see mess, my brain processes it with panic: fix it! you’re failing!

But another Monday brings another week of experience in learning to read the story told by the debris: this is the story of life. My house is not messy, it is well loved, and people are welcome to LIVE here. Messy people with messy lives are welcome on our messy couch. Messy stories are welcome in our messy kitchen. Your mess is welcome here, because in this house you are not messy, you are well loved.

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20 thoughts on “My house is not messy”

  1. I sent this to my daughter — I know it will touch her heart. She has 2 toddlers right now and sometimes feels overwhelmed by the mess 🙂

    1. Overwhelmed is a familiar feeling! I found Rachel Jankovic’s book “loving the little years” so helpful… Particularly the chapter where she talks about being overwhelmed and ways to tackle that twenty minutes. Perhaps it’s a book to commend to your daughter, a fellow laborer in the trenches of motherhood….

  2. My heart exactly!! “Messy people with messy lives are welcome on our messy couch”…brilliant!!! Thank you for the Monday morning encouragement about what is really important 🙂

    1. 30 years ago when my kids were young, I had the creative backyard making mud pies or playing in sprinklers and the couch full of laundry and piles of blocks on the floor. They made messes everywhere but they grow so quick and now the house is oh so quiet but I look forward to making messes with the grandkids and setting up trains and race tracks down the stairs and filling the house with joy and laughter

  3. Thanks for reminding me of what’s important!!! I tend to feel this way most days, but not all, and on those “off” days, I just berate myself with, “didn’t I use to be organized?,” and “didn’t I use to keep a clean house?” It doesn’t help that my mom lives in our home half the year and always manages to point out the sticky fingerprints…. ; ) I should add, though, that she also tends to clean them up for me, and you really just can’t beat that.

    1. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have my mom with us half the year…. I dream of it in fact. *sigh* I have no doubt at all that my house would be cleaner….

  4. We had that same paly mat on the floor I think.

    Kid’s clutter is a sign of joy in the house, that’s for sure Bronwyn.

  5. I have a 2yr old and a 4yr old. This was SO timely and so healing! I took a deeeeep deep sigh of relief. What a change in perspective! Needed to see this (in this season). thank you and God bless you!


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