Why we ditched the ‘young marrieds’ groups

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In a way, getting married felt a little like going away to college: new living arrangements, new things to learn, new social schedule, and lots of invitations to join new groups. In particular, we kept on getting invited to join groups specifically geared for young marrieds: camping groups, cooking clubs and bible studies – all populated by excited newlyweds just like ourselves.

At first, young marrieds groups seemed to be just the ticket, exactly the kind of thing we needed and wanted in this new phase of our lives. However, we decided to forego the young marrieds groups, and ten years down the line we are so glad we did.

Here’s why. Young marrieds groups, by definition, excluded two groups of people that we desperately wanted to stay connected to: singles and older married couples.

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  1. I knew a young couple who did something similar. They told the new church they moved to from us that they wanted to be in with older people, people who had experienced the ups and downs of marriage and could share their wisdom and experience. From what I’ve heard, this couple revolutionized the way that church thought about their “groups”.

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