Wonderfully Made

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I’m delighted to be over at Ungrind.org this week. Ungrind is a fabulous and deeply encouraging web magazine for women. It’s a great honor to join their ranks with a piece which is very personal and special to me, and I hope will be read by all you precious women out there.

I did not love my 16-year old body. The mirror said: “Your teeth aren’t straight. Your thighs wobble. Your skin has too many moles and freckles. Your smile is more gum than teeth.” Every picture I saw of myself at 16 was a painful reminder of each flaw.

I did not love my 26-year old body. The mirror said: “Your teeth may be straight, but it’s still more gum than teeth. Your thighs wobble. More than they used to. Your skin has even more moles, and some scars to add to the mix. Your chin is too round.” I avoided pictures whenever I could.

My 27-year old self got married, and my body had to come along for the ride: insecurities and issues wed with intimacy. Click over to keep reading….

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  1. WOW … WOW … WOW … WOW … Tears and smiles over here. What an honest, beautifully written article, my dear. You’re speaking for MANY women … Well done – really, you wowed me! What a blessing. Goose bumps!

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