Thank you for loving my children

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Thank You For Loving My Children

Dear friend,

In case I haven’t said so before, I wanted to thank you for loving my children. Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal, but I want you to know it means the world.

Thank you for looking them in the eye and greeting them by name. You are teaching them they are valuable.

Thank you for asking them questions about their lives and waiting patiently for their stumbled replies. You are teaching them the currency of conversation.

Thank you for entering their imaginary worlds and helping find the pet unicorn a snack. Thank you for reading to them, even though they were sticky and stinky. Thank you for for pretending you couldn’t see them under the kitchen table when they hid in the same place for the tenth time playing hide-and-go-seek. You are teaching them that that they are wanted. You are showing them the value of play.

Thank you for that time you played rough-and-tumble T-ball with them. Thank you for asking about their first day of school. Thank you for reminding them to say thank you when I’m too weary to remind them again. Thank you for telling them your own childhood story to distract them from their tears.

Thank you for being a safe adult, another role model in their “village”. Your presence in their life is more valuable than you know. They soak up your laughter, your kindness, your pleases-and-thank-yous.

We take our children to church, but you are the church to our children. You are one of the teaching aides God has put into their life, and they love you.

Thank you for loving my children, and in doing so, for loving me.

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13 thoughts on “Thank you for loving my children”

      1. Oops, made a mistake, and wrote my follow up comment in the wrong place.
        Just said that that I re-read the comments, and saw that it was your daughter, not Tim’s, who rolled her eyes. More haste, less speed.
        The “rolling of eyes” made me laugh all over again.

    1. Oops, sorry! NOT Tim’s daughter, but your daughter!
      Anyway, any response is better than no response……

  1. I think that THANK YOU letters are enormously important, and are greatly appreciated by the receiver. It is so easy to take people for granted, and it boosts their spirits when we show how very much we value their contributions in our lives.

    My mother wrote a very special letter of gratitude to a sewing shop owner recently, and I wrote the address on the envelope, in my best calligraphy.

    Guess what? Next time we went into the shop, we saw that Nellie, the owner, had displayed both the letter and the calligraphic envelope on her back wall near the sewing machines. We were astounded that my mother’s feedback meant so much to her!

  2. LOVE these kiddos more than words can express! INCREDIBLY thankful that I get to be a part of their lives. Cannot wait to go serve the world with Jesus and Teg in a few years! 😉

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