It’s new! It’s awesome!

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Notice anything different?

Anything? Anyone?

(No, I didn’t do something with my hair.)

But I did have something cut: my web address! This blog is henceforth to be found at, rather than the old It should still look the same, and all the old links should work… But it has a short and cute new web address. Just ten letters in total, 11 characters if you count the ‘dot’. I just saved you NINE characters of typing, y’all.

The one downside is that the change zeroes all the sharing stats for individual posts, so instead of being able to see that the gay marriage article was shared just a little and that the one little word that radically changed my prayers post was shared a whole lot, the “share” numbers have all been reset to zero… So if you share or like a post now you may feel like you are the brave soul breaking the proverbial cyberspace ice, moving the counter from “0” to “1”.

(Of course, this kind of thing probably only gets noticed by bloggers by myself who are greatly encouraged and cheered when people feel our posts are worth sharing. Maybe this change is good not only for your typing- comfort but also for my humility.)

So there is it folks:

Easier than an easy things easy bits to remember.



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8 thoughts on “It’s new! It’s awesome!”

    1. I probably should have done it from the beginning, but I was scared …. Now it seems late, but better late than never 🙂 it does feel all kinds of fancy to have my own dot com!

  1. You think your old name was bad. How about nightlightblogdotcom? I didn’t know what I was doing when I started the blog. Now I would probably have a little shorter name for it. 🙂

  2. Bronwyn, besides a short, cute new web address : ) , what are the advantages of making this change? My question is an ignorant one! Please share if you would! Thanks.

    1. Laura, I think the chief advantage is that it is easier for people to remember. I meet people at church or just socially who ask about my blog, and this (I hope) will make it easier for them to remember and find if they are interested. It seemed a relatively small amount of money to pay (1.50 a month! Less than half one Starbucks latte!) for something that might feel less strange on people’s tongues. That’s the theory, anyway….

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