31 Days of Belonging

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OK, let me start by taking a DEEP breath.

My inspirational friend Kate invited me to join her and hundreds of other writers in taking a 31 day writing challenge, hosted by The Nester. The idea is to pick a topic and post something, be it big or small, pithy or pedestrian, every day in October.

Every day.

I guess that’s why she called it a challenge. (Another deep breath.)


I’ve chosen 31 days of Belonging.

I’m excited to explore….

… more of what it means to belong to God (I have some more awesome stick pictures for you!),
… how love and community in our families, friendships, homes, marriages and churches foster that all-important feeling of belonging,
… soul tattoos (curious yet?).

(Another deep breath.)

Each day, I’ll add the new post to the list below so they are all easily accessible.

* indicates the most read and shared posts

## indicates the talks which formed part of a mini-series on Justification and Belonging to the people of God

Oct 1 – Global Passport

Oct 2 – A Geeky Kind of Love

Oct 3- What I love about public school

Oct 4 – Soul Tattoo #1

Oct 5 – The Buddy System

Oct 6 – Cancer is not her tagline *

Oct 7 – The Empty Chair

Oct 8 – The Illustrated Guide to Justification *   ##

Oct 9 – Us vs Them: The Church Edition ##

Oct 10 – Dear Mary, About that list

oct 11 – Doing it gangnam style

Oct 12 – thoughts on my 20 year high school reunion

Oct 13 – Soul Tattoo #2

Oct 14 – This is how I want to worship *

Oct 15 – “I love Jesus but I don’t go to church” ##

Oct 16 – Social media and belonging

Oct 17 – Attitudes and accents – guest post

Oct 18 – Where the Heart Is

Oct 19 – One question to ask if you’re wondering “should I buy this?” *

Oct 20 – the gift of the forgotten commandment

oct 21 – Divorced: now where do I belong. (Guest post)

Oct 22 – A letter to my teenage self

Oct 23 – You can tell shame where to park it ##

Oct 24 – There’s rooibos in my soul

Oct 25 – What if Facebook Makes me a Better Mom?

Oct 26 – The Sophomore Doldrums

Oct 27 – Where to Teens Belong?

Oct 28 – 7 Amazing Parenting Tips from Rose and Rudolf

Oct 29 – In Which CS Lewis Nails It Again

If you’d like to follow along, click on the tabs up there on the side bar to follow this blog via email or on Facebook. I hope you’ll enjoy journeying with me 🙂

And so with one last deep breath, here begins….. 31 Days of Belonging.

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