What I Love About Public School

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I spent three full years anxious about school for our children. We live in a city with excellent public schools, a nearby excellent private Christian school, and we have a complement of truly awesome friends who are homeschooling their truly awesome kids.

Which would we choose? And Why?

The decision seemed almost impossible to make. Each of the parents I spoke to had such good reasons for the choices they had made. We prayed and weighed the options.  In the end we eliminated the Christian school option (too expensive), and opted against homeschooling (I can harness kindergarten-awesomeness for about 24 hours, and after that – I’m done. We figured our daughter needed more than 24 hours of awesome in a school year.)


So public school it was.

We are now in our second year of public schooling, and we are LOVING it. Not because it was the “only one left” after the other options had been ruled out (although that is true). Not because it’s free (although that is awesome). Not because it is perfect (no education ever is).

We are loving public school for one main reason: it has allowed us to participate in and belong to our community like never before.

After more than 9 years in the same city, we have made wonderful friends. Most of these have been through church, or through people we know from church. It’s been through activities sponsored by church, service projects run by church, moms groups springing out of church friendships. You get the picture. Quite churchy.

Yes, I have met people at the park or at play group, but without regular, sustained contact it is hard for deeper relationships to develop. One needs proximity AND regular contact to make friends, especially when you are in the “I can only talk for 90 seconds before someone asks me for juice” phase of life.

How wonderful, then, it has been to be in a public school filled with diverse and fabulous families from EVERY demographic in the community. My daughter loved her first week of public school for all the wondrous things that happened in the classroom, but I loved public school because of the wondrous parents I met waiting OUTSIDE the classroom at pick-up time. Interesting, educated, kind, marvelous, NOT-church people.

We LOVE it. Our family is meeting other families, and we are experiencing a feeling of community belonging in a totally new way.

We are loving birthday parties and play dates with new families. We love being able to trade kindnesses, to learn about different cultures. I love that, after more than a decade of feeling like “I wanted to make friendships outside of church, but not wanting anyone to feel that they were my “project””, that these friendships are organic and fun. And it DOES feel like they are organic and fun, because they ARE organic: we have something in common. We are parents-of-school-kids together.

This does not mean that I think public schools are superior to any other type of schools. This post is not a rejection of or judgment on different educational choices.

This is just me saying I’m grateful. Grateful for my children getting the instruction and care of a very experienced teacher. Grateful for a variety of excellent options, all locally available. And today, grateful for the community of families that public school has introduced us to. We’re ALL IN. And (just one more time, let me say), we LOVE it.

This is day 3 of 31 Days of Belonging.

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8 thoughts on “What I Love About Public School”

  1. I agree. I especially loved the elementary community and the spontaneous post-drop-off coffees and such. Such a great time of life.

    1. I suppose elementary school is the best season for this: in years to come I’m sure my kids will get themselves to school and roll their eyes if I ever hover outside the classroom door… I will appreciate this season while it lasts!

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  3. This post makes me feel really free from a lot of expectations I’ve put on myself since my homeschooled childhood to homeschool my own future children, despite not being a big “kids” person. (Two months as a nanny nearly drove me over the edge!)
    After this and your previous post about schooling your eldest (https://bronlea.com/2013/09/11/mamas-getting-schooled/), I feel far less afraid of the idea of public school. I feel free from this idea that there’s one way to school your kids and am realizing that God blesses public school too.
    Thank you for so much clarity in your thinking! Being a mom sounds scary and confusing, but I think you really honor God in the way you do it, no matter how hard it may feel to you.

  4. I’m in the middle of the anxiety-over-the-decision phase. This was a refreshing perspective on public school – I began following Jesus because my best friend at public school led me to Him. Thank you for your words!

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