Soul Tattoos #2

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Of the many, many things I love about my friend Bethany; one of the things I love most is the intentionality with which she seeks to model God’s unconditional love in her parenting style.

Last week I shared about one of our “soul tattoos“: truths we want engraved on our children’s hearts, truth we sing over and over.

Today’s soul tattoo is from Bethany’s dining room: truths she wants engraved on her children’s hearts, truths they see over and over.

Here is her dining room:


And here is a close up of the pictures on the wall:


This is what it says:

You are loved….
Always and forever…
No matter what.

You are, you know.

This is day 13 of 31 days of belonging: for a complete list of posts, click here.

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