One question to ask if you’re wondering “should I buy this?”

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One question to ask if you're wondering_One of the big challenges for me as a believer, living in the world that I do, is trying to figure out how to manage the stuff we own. Words like stewardship, financial planning, wisdom, investment, generosity, living debt-free and justice are all bandied around within the Christian community when the topic of money is raised.


Often, I feel that “wise counsel” about money gives very contradictory advice. Should we “give generously to those who are hungry now, and trust God for the future?”, or should we “invest wisely for the future so as to not be a burden on our children?”

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    1. Such a great question! Our kids are still really small (the oldest is 6), and so thus far they are still in the “everything is communal” and “all toys have a short shelf life” mindset. I am not sure how we will tackle this when they got older, but I imagine this will be a part of the explicit value sharing we do in helping them with managing their possessions. We hadn’t yet thought about this question – thanks for raising it!

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