If you give a mouse a cookie (the garage sale version)

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If the toy room gets kind of crowded,
Mom’s going to want to clean it out.

When she cleans it out,
She’s probably going to want to give away a whole lot of the toys,
And when she looks at the pile of toys,
She might get carried away and start clearing out the whole house.

Then there will be too many things to find individual owners for,
Which means she’s probably going to have a garage sale.
But she doesn’t like haggling over nickel and dimes,
So she’ll probably decide to just donate all the proceeds to charity.

But once she has charity in mind,
Then she’ll ask her Facebook friends if they want to clean out and donate too,
And they may even take it up a notch,
And bring over all the donated items from the church attic.

Which probably means she’s going to ask for some help,
And she’ll ask people to help sort, arrange and set up,
And then neighbors spread the word, and social media adds it’s impetus,

20131102-143014.jpgAnd then on the morning of the garage sale,
Hundreds of items will be stacked outside
As hundreds of people browse and give and browse and give,
Until hundreds and hundreds of dollars are raised to help starving communities and abused little girls,

And while all this is going in,
That mama’s kids will shop too and donate the contents of their piggy banks to help the cause,
And will carry their treasures inside into the playroom,

Which probably means the toy room is going to get kind of crowded,
And mom’s going to want to clear it out.

…with ecstatic thanks to the amazing community who made it all possible, and thanks to that legendary mouse who first asked for a cookie…

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7 thoughts on “If you give a mouse a cookie (the garage sale version)”

  1. This is FABULOUS! I am so glad that it was such a success! After reading the book 7 (check it out – I think you’d like it) and reading the chapter about de-cluttering, I’ve been on a mission. I’m selling, selling, selling. And yet I love garage sales, so like your kids, I also find myself buying, buying, buying. Hmmmm…. the clutter doesn’t seem to go away. It’s just changing. 🙂 But I’m trying really, really hard and I think I’m making some progress. 🙂

  2. Bronwyn, it just goes to show that great literature is inspiring. (And that you aren’t afraid to let God use you in his wonderful ways, too!)

  3. Hi Bronwyn,
    I’m Corrie’s neighbor and I purchased $10 of your garage sale items. They are for a little 2 1/2 year old who is my special friend’s daughter. I met my special friend while volunteering at the Sacramento Children’s Home about 30 years ago. She spent some years homeless doing drugs and now she is clean and sober and is a mom on SSI. So you see the story continues….. Thanks so much. I know the little one will enjoy the toys, books and clothes plus her mom will appreciate the cooking pot! Thea

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