Pick of the Clicks 11/3/13

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I read some excellent things every week, more than I can share on Facebook or Twitter without becoming a big time spammer. However, these are some of the things I read this week that helped me, stretched me, taught me, tickled me… So here, all neatly compacted into one little post, are my Pick of the Clicks this week. Enjoy 🙂

After meeting breast cancer earlier this month through my friend Megs, I was as very touched by this guest post over at Adriel Booker’s lovely site: a young mum shares her breast cancer story.

Marlena Proper-Graves’ piece on dealing with anxiety was true and wise: Sending Spectral Fears Into Flight.

I’ve been thinking a lot about possessions and what it means to be “rich towards God”. Jen Pollock Michel’s piece “I’m rich and I’m sorry” over at Christianity Today’s Hermeneutics blog helped me ask some good questions.

This week was Halloween, and I wrote about how conflicted I felt about it. This post over at kuyperian gave a thought-provoking perspective on Halloween as an “inversion festival”: Halloween- A very Christian Holiday Indeed. While I do believe that for Christians “death has lost it’s sting”, I’m still not sure I want to mock it though.

Since I’m trying out this writing thing, I’ve been reading more about writing! This week I was greatly encouraged by reading Bill Watterson’s introduction to the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection, where he tells of his humble journey as an artist and how he resolved to remain true to his character and his passions. I also loved Karen Swallow Prior’s guest post over at Preston Yancey’s blog on “How to succeed as a writer” (but then again, I love pretty much everything Karen Swallow Prior writes, and kind of want to be her when I grow up).

This guest post by Stina KC over at DL Mayfield’s blog was the bravest and truest thing I have read in a long time: “I’m a downward mobility dropout”.

With the holidays coming up and the possibilities for family conflict attached to it, I loved this piece by my friend Jamie Calloway-Hanauer: “the time to love is now”

And then just for fun: I wrote up the awesome story of the community garage we participated in this week in the form of a kids’ poem: if you give a mouse a cookie (the garage sale version). And since we had a 25 hour day yesterday with daylight savings time ending, I appreciated this funny lament from Steve Wiens: The real reason we observe daylight savings time: to kill parents.

Happy clicking!

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