Pick of the Clicks 11/10/13

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It’s been a whirlwind of a week: in my house and in my head. There is so much to think about and read, I wish there had been more time to read, but here are my pick of the clicks from this week:

The best 10 minutes I spend online this week was watching this video on the history of the English language: hilarious and informative and perfect for word nerds:

Also in the visual medium, I was deeply moved by this one minute piece capturing a year in an abusive relationship.

In the realm of reading, Sharon Hodde Miller’s piece haters never change the world really made me think about how I deal with anger.

I loved Dorothy Greco’s article at relevant magazine on Why we hide when life gets hard. If life is hard and you’re hiding, don’t miss it.

This helpful little chart on locating which Downton abbey character you are, determined by MBTI personality profile, was so much fun. (I’m an ENTJ/ESTJ, depending on the day, so you can look up my character doppelgänger. my hubby is Carson. of course.)

I loved Justin Zoradi’s inspirational and encouraging piece on how he learned a secret to success from an 84 year old scientist. If you’ve felt that “you ought to have accomplished more than you have by this stage in life”, it’s a must-read.

Lesley Miller’s honest and redemptive piece “when you feel unloved” was so beautiful I had to email it to a few people just moments after I read it.

I didn’t start this week out planning to think and read about marriage, husbands, wives and the roles of men and women in marriage and the church… But somehow those topics kept jumping into my path this week. No less than 17 friends posted this article marriage isn’t for you by Seth Adam Smith on Facebook, a very thoughtful and wise piece on selfishness and purpose in marriage. An excellent read.

Two days later, Start Marriage Right ran my piece on spiritual leadership in marriage, where I recounted how I had come into marriage with certain expectations about what spiritual leadership would look like, and how those views have changed over the years. The article garnered some comments and questions that got me thinking…

Then Christianity Today interviewed Sarah Bessey on her new book “Jesus feminist” which was released on Tuesday. The interview is so great, and Bessey’s love for Jesus and his word is infectious. in her words: she’s a feminist because she loves Jesus so much. The word feminist has a lot of bad baggage in my world, so I read it curious to see how she would define it. Cue more questions in my brain….

… Then read this excellent article by Rachel Held Evans. Her discussion on husband-wife and male-female roles in the context of scripture is compelling. LOTS for me to think about on this one. ANd finally then, I happened upon this by Tamara Rice: the hole in our complementarianism. I resonated so much with what she wrote about being a woman who teaches in Christian circles where we deeply believe that spcripture doesn’t want women to teach.

Top click on my blog this week was the 3 tips on rest for super-busy people, the first in the new “ask Bronwyn” series. So fun!

So everything from the ridiculous to the deep-wrestling issues of ministry and vocation this week: hope there’s something interesting in there for you! Happy clicking 🙂

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  1. Don’t you have 3 kids? How in the world do you have time to read all this stuff? You must have an iPad in your bathroom. There’s no other way… 🙂

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