Pick of the Clicks 11/16/13

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This has been a fascinating week!

First honors to Marta Oti Sears for her excellent piece at Christianity Today’s her.meneutics on “you play ball like a sexist“. Our kids are not yet into sports, but her piece gave me much to think about.

On the topic of marriage, Anne Bogel’s guest post at Let Why Lead had this great quote:

“When we got married, we didn’t know that most conflicts in marriage aren’t even solvable. There’s not a “fix” for every problem, and realizing this took a lot of the pressure off: we weren’t aiming for a perfect solution to every disagreement, just one we both could live with. Getting to that solution is often painful, but it’s possible.”

Ann Voskamp’s piece “the truth about boring men and the women who live with them – redefining boring” might be my favorite thing on marriage ever. I married a “boring” man exactly like this, and I thank God for him every single day.

“”How a man proposes isn’t what makes him romantic. It’s how a man purposes to lay down his life that makes him romantic…. The real romantics are the boring ones — they let another heart bore a hole deep into theirs.”

This post by Rachel Held Evans is so important: talking about tough issues, even if there’s friction, is not the same as being “divisive”.

Jessica Lahey NAILED it in this excellent piece from the Atlantic: Relearning the lost skill of patience. Warning: read it slowly so you can absorb every last grain of wisdom.

Adriel Booker’s piece on how breasturants like Hooters are degrading women was right on the money. And sheesh, it’s amazing how much abuse women get for standing up for women!

Then four picks for parents:

First, this had me laughing so hard I was dripping laugh-tears all over the couch. Too funny.

My amazingly talented friend Corrie drew a cartoon adding to the theme on traveling before and after kids. Again, nailed it.

This one was from Lisa Jo Baker last week, but so good I had to include it this week: Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t make you a bad mother.

And finally, a piece I nearly stood up to cheer for. This is exactly what I want for the gift giving season for our kids: the gift of not giving a thing. Three cheers for Cristella Morris.

And finally, since I’m a cycling girl in a cycling world (it’s fantastic, life’s gymnastic – you’re welcome), this was just too clever not to include: an invisible bike helmet.

On my blog this week:

My emotional trip to rage and back while reading psalm 91 (about how I sometimes get really, really angry when I read verses about God’s protection, and yet people suffer so much)

My hair-color dilemma: whether it is nobler to dye or to suffer the salt and pepper of outrageous aging in Shades of Gray.

My crazy idea in response to complaints that writers are so seldom valued (in dollars) for their work: what if we had free trade writing?

And finally, an unusual “ask me” question this week from my three year old: “mommy, what’s autistic?

What did you click on this week that caught your attention? Or did you write something that’s especially meaningful to you? Please share in the comments section 🙂

Happy clicking!

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6 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 11/16/13”

  1. Hi Bronwyn! I just wanted to say thank you for linking to Anne’s article on marriage, at my blog, Let Why Lead. And a big thanks for these other links as well! I’ve already explored a couple and look forward to exploring more. Best to you!

  2. thanks for including me! i’ve also read many of these same posts this week… tell you what, the internets are full of good people and some amazing wisdom.

    and i about died watching that comedian too. soooo funny.

  3. I love these ‘weekly roundups’ that a few bloggers do – saves me a lot of effort! 🙂 Rachel Held Evans does a great one on Sundays. And BTW your link to her post doesn’t work.

    1. Thanks for the info Kathy, I fixed it 🙂 I first became aware of RHE’s collection page when I was once included on her list of Sunday Superlatives: “bravest” for my piece “I am the immigrant”. My blog suddenly exploded with traffic 🙂

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