Mary, did you know? (Kleenex warning)

Today I sat down to practice the few songs I need to play on the piano at a big church event next week. I looked at the guitar chords I’d been sent to “Mary, did you know”, and realized I didn’t have a good enough grasp of the tune to figure it out, but NEVER FEAR, YouTube to the rescue!

My plan was to listen to the song once or twice to get the gist of the tune, and then return to my practice.What happened instead was that I sat in front of my piano, with tears streaming down my face, as I watched this video again and again: the eye contact, the heartbreak, the beauty, the miraculous. Oh glory. Oh kleenex. Practice forgotten. Full-blown sobbing.

Grabbing enough tissues for both of us, I called my Mom over and made her watch it too. “Everyone should see this,” she said. I agree.

It takes my breath away.

6 thoughts on “Mary, did you know? (Kleenex warning)

  1. Very moving. The sad thing is that if our Lord came back as He did the first time, He’d still be rejected. There’s still “no room in the inn” for Him. Less and less for His teachings.

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