Pick of the Clicks 11/23/13

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Here are some of my favorite clicks from the past week – hope you enjoy them too!

Loved this article from Kate Wallace at the Junia project on “The Incomplete Gospel of Biblical Womanhood”, in which she graciously raises (and answers) some very awkward questions about the way in which Christians have packaged “womanhood” almost exclusively into a wife-and-mother-box…. What then of women like Kate, who writes “I am a single, educated, working, Christian woman, and the “biblical womanhood” message doesn’t really apply to my life.” Great article.

Kim Kirby wrote this fabulous letter to her kids, which (as the mother of children who frequently leave the house dressed as pirates and bumble bees) delighted my heart: “Dear Kids, Please Never Be Normal.”

Shauna Niequiest’s piece on “Things my Mother Taught Me” is heart-wrenchingly, beautifully, warmly and wonderfully written. So much grace and wisdom there.

Nick Koen, who identifies as being attracted to people of the same sex, wrote this excellent piece on An Alternative Script for Same Sex Attraction. This was so wise and so helpful.

If any of you (like me), have ever felt both in-awe-of and yet also very discouraged by those awesome folks called to inner city ministry (“they’re so great and give up so much to make a difference, and here I am driving carpool to a school in the suburbs and feeding my children organic snacks”), then you will appreciate Osheta’s Open Letter to my Sisters in the Suburbs.

Serious food for thought from Trisha Wilkerson: “Are you an internet busy body?” Yikes. Very fortifying stuff.

Top of this blog this week was “Help, I’m newly married and pregnant“, a post which received more traffic in one day than this blog has ever had!? Who knew this was such a big topic? Wow.

Then, just to make me homesick and also to brag about my home country a little: here are 50 photos of Cape Town that will make you want to live in the Mother City. I have a memory associated with almost every one of these places, and (BIG BRAG!), #35 is my alma mater 🙂

Then, in honor of The Hunger Games’ release this week, here’s a treat from Sesame Street.

And finally, for my favorite click of the week BY FAR, here is the link to the 31 Worst Puns Ever But You Can’t Stop Laughing. I laughed until my laugh tears had washed ALL my mascara off. Totally worth it.

Happy clicking!

Did you read or write anything special this week? What are your pick of the clicks? Anything from the sublime to the ridiculous appreciated – leave a comment below 🙂

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