Pick of the Clicks 12/01/2013

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I love Thanksgiving! (I love the habit of thanksgiving too, but it is particularly awesome that the USA has a whole day dedicated to it.) Here are a few of the links I’ve been thankful to have clicked on this week:

Enuma Okoro’s piece “Why I wouldn’t see 12 Years as a Slave with a White Person” at The Atlantic is top of my list this week. Hard-to-read, but a must-read, particularly as a white person who has friends of other ethnic origins. She writes: “I did not want to have to entertain any of the likely responses from someone who could not see themselves in the skin of the enslaved men and women on the screen.” Whoa.

My friend Aleah wrote a thoughtful and redemptive Thanksgiving piece “Remember to Hope“. She writes: “There’s a certain amount of reflection that comes along with being thankful…. We are called to remember so that we can hope.”

Englewood Review of Books put out their 2nd annual list of Worst Christian Book Covers this week. I had tears streaming down my face I laughed so much – brilliant! (Amish aliens? Really?)

John Greco’s piece at the Gospel Coalition “Broken Vows – Broken World” was really good. He likens our responses to divorce to a “murdered puppy phenomenon”, which at first seemed a very strange illustration but was deeply insightful.

For those who have used the ESV translation of the Bible, I thought this piece by Rebecca Card-Hyatt at the Junia Project was fascinating. In it, she ponders why the ESV deliberately chose to translate the Greek word adelphoi as “brothers” when a translation of “siblings”, or “brothers or sisters” (both more gender inclusive) would have been as accurate. The ESV footnotes attest to this as a good translation option, and yet they chose the gender exclusive ‘brothers’. Very interesting stuff. If you click on this one, read down to Tim Peck’s interesting quote from Don Carson on the topic.

There has been a lot of online discussion on attitudes to the poor this week, following Dave Ramsey’s article on “20 things the Rich do every day that the Poor don’t”. I read some great responses by Preston Yancey, Rachel Held Evans, but wanted to highlight this article by Marlena Graves, Rachel Marie Stone and Caryn Rivadeneira at Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog “Things Broke People Do“. So good. So wise.

On my blog this week, my reflections on giving thanks, even when waiting in the ER for the doctor; and also another in the “Ask Bronwyn” series after a question on why God allows us to remain in a world so full of suffering, when he could so easily pull us out. (My answer in short, “I don’t know”.)

And finally, a click you don’t even have to leave this page for – certainly the most beautiful rendition of Drummer Boy I have ever heard, and WELL WORTH four minutes of your time.

What has caught your eye or moved you this week? Did you write anything you want to share? I love to read others’ recommendations 🙂

Til next week, happy clicking!

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