Nelson Mandela and God’s Providential Purpose

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In the fourth grade, I learned multiplication, grammar and how to hide under a desk if a hand grenade was thrown into the classroom. Growing up as a white kid in South Africa under apartheid had its privileges, but as a student in a parochial multi-racial school, it had its terrors too. People were volatile; political change was imminent.

I watched Nelson Mandela’s release from prison with a mixture of excitement and terrible apprehension What would this mean for South Africa? He had been a leader of the “resistance” for 30 years, but how would he fare as the leader of a fledgling democracy deeply divided by race and tribe?

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3 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela and God’s Providential Purpose”

  1. Too many politicians, too few statesmen–the humility and grace to listen and engage, Mandela was the latter.

  2. I agree… I like that you wrote from an insider’s perspective. 🙂 I imagine that the movies and books written on his life from this side of it will be incredible.

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