Pick of the Clicks 12/7/13

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What a week. My birthday and the death of the greatest man of our time – on the same day. It was also a big week for me in the writing department, I had 3 pieces featured this week:

At Sojourners, for part of their immigration reform blog, “I am the immigrant.”

At Think Christian, a tribute and reflection on “Nelson Mandela and God’s providential purpose.”

At Faith Village, where I am a new contributor, One-minute Marriage Maintenance.

Whew! But there were many excellent things NOT written by me I wanted to share with you too 🙂

We saw the Hunger Games Catching Fire this week. This was an excellent article on The hunger games and dystopia by Andrew Wilson.

Loved this from Steven Hunter at Veritas Venator: to you who bring small children to church.

If you have ever found yourself wanting to be the person who does favors for others, but can’t seem to be able to accept help reform on others, read this from Kate Motaung: sister let me be your servant.

Ever the word nerd, this made me laugh out loud: Like and Literally make a deal. Warning: language.

And finally, a few Christmas-themed recommendations:

I loved Tim Fall’s reflection on simple Advent lessons from those who were there. Really. Loved it.

I laughed until I cried at the 50 worst and weirdest nativity sets.

And I cheered for more after this bethlehemian Rasphody: brilliant music and lyrics for young and old.

Happy clicking!!

And please, I’d love to hear your recommendations of favorite things you read (or wrote) this week. Leave a link in the comments below 🙂

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