Pick of the Clicks 12/15/13

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A few of my favorite clicks online this week:

Rachel Marie Stone with “it’s okay to say happy holidays to me“. YES to this.

Andy Crouch, with the sanest and most insightful comment on the Mark Driscoll plagiarism debacle: the real problem with Mark Driscoll’s citation errors.

Teg Haggard’s piece on suicide, evangelicalism and sorrow. This is a VERY important article to read, especially if you have dealt with depression or pressure in the church. A must read for people in ministry. Really.

I was thrilled to have a piece published at (in)courage this week. I LOVED writing this piece. If you didn’t see it earlier this week, here’s the link to My little Helper.

I loved this: 8 photos you didn’t see from Obama’s trip to South Africa. I wonder how different our politics were be if we saw more candid relational photos like this?

In the hours after Mandela has been buried and South Africa grieves, this Facebook status update from David Carr (unknown to me personally, but shared widely online) gave a very insightful look at the real challenges South Africa is facing. Rosy eulogies aside, this is worth reading (and praying about).

And then, from the serious to the silly. I came across this earlier in the week: the best case for the use of the Oxford comma I have ever seen:


And finally, for my friends who homeschool, and for those who love(d) the sitcom Friends, my friend Taryn Hayes posted this oldie-but-goodie on what if Friends were homeschoolers? Hilarious.

Happy clicking, friends! Thanks for reading in my little corner. I appreciate sharing this space with you.

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