Pick of the Clicks 12/22/13

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Here are some of my favorite bits from around the interwebz this week: enjoy!

Hilarious and SO talented: take a look at how artists put celebrities into 80 classic paintings.

Ashley Moore wrote a great piece in “ladies, who needs a drink?” I loved her perspective:

Alcohol was created to help commemorate the significant moments of life. My theology is simple: God gave us wine to remember, not to forget. I love the idea of wine being a sign of celebration. It’s biblical, it’s beautiful, and it rings true. And I think drinking to celebrate, specifically, is the healthy way to go, because celebrations are temporary—they’re marked with a beginning, a middle, and an end. But loss, pain, and stress are often long-term. You can’t leave loss. You can’t put an end to worry—or at least not in the same way we put an end to a celebration to return to our normal lives.

I deeply appreciated Jared C Wilson’s letter to Mark Driscoll. It expressed, with respect and regret, so much of what my heart has been grieving over in the wake of the plagiarism accusations against him.

Pastor Mark, if you’re reading this — you are losing us. Forget about the “haters.” We ain’t them. We are the ones who love you, who want to see you succeed and prevail. And we won’t stop, no matter what tribe you’re in or which conference stage you take. But we want you to take responsibility for your actions and your attitude. It does not commend grace.

For my women friends, I want to commend Marlena Grave’s piece “we’re not too fat for pictures” to you. Please read this and snuggle up for the family photo this Christmas. For as Marlena says, “let’s be remembered for how we loved, not how much we weighed.”

The internet exploded this week in the wake of the Duck dynasty fiasco. Now, I don’t watch DD and I consequently didn’t engage in thinking over the issues at hand or participating in the debate…. But the mere presence of such a debate when issues of racism and faith are at hand got my attention. Top marks and a resounding hallelujah, then, for Jen Hatmaker’s “the duck thing: is there another way?” The wisdom of her words go FAR beyond the present controversy:

“The sterile public sphere outside of the protective confines of relationships is not a safe place for such weighty discussions, and we should not add to the pile of condescending, degrading comments about real human people…..
…Because I love mercy for myself, I can’t help but love it for everyone else, and I won’t cheapen it by imagining that my grace is free but someone else’s must be earned. Jesus is the best news in history.”

Then, some wise and timely advice from Andy Blanks with the 10 commandments of technology and children. This one is an article to bookmark (or, dare I say it, to pin??!!??)

Then, this one minute if poetic beauty, truth and laughter from coco-cola Argentina. YES to this:

And finally, my favorite music to listen to over Christmas. Technically, it’s not Christmas music, but my soul needs these words every single year. Take a deep breath and enjoy:

Top of my blog this week: We invented Christmas, a post which I was honored to have shared at Morning Story and Dilbert. I love that site, and it was exciting to “visit” their space.

Did you read anything fantastic this week? I’d love to hear your recommendations. Also, if you have any questions you’ve been sitting on to throw my way – please drop me a line? Click on the “ask Bronwyn” tab at the top of the page.

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6 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 12/22/13”

  1. i shared the coca cola commercial with dear friends that have two children less that three years old; priceless! I have not commented much but I have read here over the year–I have been greatly blessed. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Bronwyn!

    1. Thank you, Rick! I loved that commercial, and I’m glad you got to share the love further 🙂 thanks for reading, and your comments this year. I have appreciated every one. Merry Christmas to you.

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