Sliding in socks

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I have fond childhood memories of sock-sliding competitions. With feet clad in our slipperiest socks, we would launch ourselves at one end of the long, wooden passage way, and run furiously down the length of the passage. About two-thirds of the way came the tricky part: stopping running, throwing your balance slightly backwards, and skid-sliding the rest of the way into the kitchen.


This Christmas feels a little like I’m sliding in socks. There was frenetic activity, bursts of bustling behavior, but now I feel I’ve stopped running, I’m leaning slightly backwards, and I’m sliding into Christmas-base. I’m not moving, but I’m in motion. It feels like cheating. But there was enough momentum in the weeks past that now I get to “slide” into Christmas with relatively little effort the day before.

Also, I’m wearing socks.

Tonight is Christmas eve and we will eat ham. We have three desserts and one vegetable planned (because, priorities). Tomorrow, there will be sugar, carbs, and gifts. Most of those are joyfully given to and joyfully received by our children. There are a few gifts for the adults. My husband, noticing the dearth of gifts for me, stole off with our eldest on Sunday to add a few Mommy-treats to the pile.

I love that he did that, but truth be told, he didn’t need to. As I’m enjoying the final wheeeeeeeeee slide-int0-Christmas, I’m aware of so many (unwrapped) (invisible) (precious) gifts under my proverbial tree. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, for home and hearth, for ice-cream and laughter.

But this year I spy some new gifts under my blessing tree: a new community of friends and writers through Redbud, whose wisdom and encouragement mean so very much. I have readers (!!! this still amazes me!!), whose generosity and comments keep me writing. I have new followers friends on Twitter, whose insight and humor enrich my days. This year, I count an online community of thinking, laughing, challenging friends among my gifts.

And for all these, I thank my God, who is the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May this Christmas rock your socks.

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10 thoughts on “Sliding in socks”

  1. It’s always amazing how I can feel so connected to people I’ve never met face to face. Had a great time chatting potty training with you the other day. Solidarity is priceless.

    1. Absolutely 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog and some posts at SMR, but there’s nothing like a shared crisis and humiliation in parenting to bond you with others!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, too! Bronwyn! This year we decided to do only 3 gifts for Ava and none for the adults. Certainly takes pressure off and we plan to make the day a really family oriented day instead of gift oriented day. Should be amazing. Also, it will involve homemade pizza and cake, so we too are on the carbs and sugar bandwagon. Get some sleep tonight because I bet the kids will be pounding on the door early tomorrow morning!

  3. It was great to connect virtually and in person with you this year! Feels like making a new friend. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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