Pick of the Clicks 12/29/13

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There were some fabulous things to read this week!

Among the many reflections on Mary’s perspective on the birth of Jesus, I loved Lesley Miller’s post the world is waiting. Read it. It’s beautiful.

This brief reflection on The incarnation and the seeds of hope by Rachel Held Evans was SO very good, thought provoking and soul feeding. It begins with an apology, and ends with such hope. And I think it’s less than half a page long. Wow. A short read, but dynamite.

Haylee Gray Scott’s article on A real cause for Christian outrage is EXCELLENT. I stand guilty as a Christian in the west who so are saintly gets caught up in twitter drama and church politics and we major on the minors. No. we MUST focus well, pray better, think more. If you only read one click on this, this should be it. Or bookmark it to read later.

Tim Fall wrote a creative piece imagining what the Magi might have said after their epic trip to Bethlehem. I loved this… Filled with wonder, awe, and challenge at the same time.

Luke O’Neil’s piece on The Year we Broke the Internet is brilliant: funny, insightful and a LOT of food for thought for our generation who consider the most-shared items online (like upworthy, reddit, buzzfeed etc) to be the most important or reliable. Also, as someone who is writing, it’s incredibly insightful in terms of thinking about exactly what kind of machine this interwebz thing is as we feed it piece after piece.

Matthew Paul Turner’s piece on Why does Jesus turn decent people into Jackasses? is worth a click. I think there are things believers CAN be certain about, but we are always called to conduct ourselves with gentleness, respect and a clear conscience. If we are Christians, but people are accusing us of being jackasses, we need to humbly take the opportunity for some self-reflection.

Ha…. Having just linked to a piece which decries the dangers of the giant social media sharing pages, my next recommendation is from viral nova (call it hypocrisy, but I prefer irony).. I loved these pictures of snow art. They are breathtakingly beautiful!

Top on my blog this week: reflections on making New Years resolutions. If ever there was a man who knew how to make a plan to make changes, take up a hobby, be something or do something; it was the author of Ecclesiastes…. So I figured he might be a good person to take some tips from when thinking about goals for the new year.

I wanted also to link to Anne Lamott’s Facebook status update this week which begins “we need to talk”, but I couldn’t find a “share” link on her page. If you’re thinking about the Christmas calories and how you need to diet come Wednesday, YOU NEED TO READ THIS. search for Anne Lamott on FB: she has a public page, and it’s the most recent entry. Yes, it will take you 10 seconds of clicking to find it, but I promise it will be worth your time.

That’s all this week. I’d love to hear what you read and loved… Leave a comment below! Happy clicking 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 12/29/13”

  1. LOVE the Parable of the Lost Bear, and have forwarded it to many friends locally and abroad.
    Most of us will empathize with the story, and will appreciate the analogy with the Bible stories about lost sheep, a lost coin and lost people. Thank you for sharing this! Deirdre.

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