Top 10 posts of 2013

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The end of the years is a time for summaries, lists and review… so here is the highlights reel of the top 10 posts on my blog for this year, in case you missed any!

#10 – Cancer is not her tagline

I think this may have been the most emotional piece I have ever written. I cried all the way through writing it, and every time I re-read it. My friend is at the end of her chemo session now, by the way, and the prognosis is this: the cancer is wasting away, and her inner soul is being strengthened daily.

20131115-133014.jpg#9 – “Mommy, what’s autistic?”

This post grew out of a question my 3 year old asked me, and kind of took off among a community of parents who are also finding they increasingly need to talk with their children about autism.

# 8 – Why I won’t take a stand on gay marriage

This was a dark horse of a post: hardly shared, hardly commented on – but yet widely read.

Couple-Holding-Hands1#7 – Attracting attention (thoughts on teen girls, selfies and finding love)

This piece got a lot of readership when I first published it, but is also one of the ones which gets a few reads every day as people find it doing google searches for “teen selfies” or “how do I find love” or “how can I attract attention?” I hope what they read was helpful.

#6 – Farewell Madiba

I wrote this when our beloved Nelson Mandela fell ill in July of this year, a memoir of my political awakening and a tribute to a man who shaped the course of our lives. When he passed away earlier this month, I was so glad I had had the chance to write this and process some of my grief before the time.

#5 – On CS Lewis and being a ‘homemaker’

It turns out a LOT more people are struggling with issues of identity as stay-at-home parents than just me, as the popularity of this post testified.

CS Lewis was ahead of his time in so many things, and a little excerpt from his private letters in the 40’s have provided many of us homemakers with a great source of comfort.

Yes, this is a photo of a stick with pee on it. #4 – Help, I’m Newly Married and Pregnant

So, this one surprised me! This post broke the record for getting the most ever views in one single day.

This piece was an answer to one of the “Ask Bronwyn” questions I received. Speaking of which, please drop me a note if you have a question or want to virtually chat about anything 🙂

#3 – The first year of marriage

Every single day, someone finds my blog because they put in a search term of “the first year of marriage is hard”, or terms similar to that. The popularity of this post has is one of the reasons I am so deeply grateful to have taken up writing, because every time I see that someone found the blog because of those search terms, I imagine that person sitting alone in a room somewhere: frustrated and scared and sad and wondering if they have just made a Big Mistake because they are finding marriage so tough. That our story might be of comfort and encouragement to newly weds is a source of great joy to me.

#2 – A mom’s momentary insight on God and sex

Complete with enticing subject matter (sex!) and super-cute and funny pictures 🙂

IMG_1713-001#1 (part one) – I am the immigrant

Well, I’m cheating. I’m putting two posts in the #1 spot: (But it’s my blog and I’ll cheat if I want to, cheat if I want to)This post had the most views of all… but much of its popularity came from the honor of being included in Super-blogger Rachel Held Evans’ list of “Sunday Superlatives”. Little bloggers like me get quite overwhelmed when super-bloggers send a tsunami of interest in our direction, even if we are very grateful for the exposure and the chance to share an important story.


20130806-202515.jpg#1 (part two) – One little word which radically changed my prayers

While this post got just a few less hits than the immigrant post, it is by far my most-shared post. Learning to pray “God, make it count”, rather than “make it better”, has made a huge difference in praying through some tough things this year.

And in fact, it gives me something concrete to pray for for 2014: Lord, make it count. Please, make it count.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 posts of 2013”

  1. Isn’t it amazing to look back and think. “did I say that?” Pretty neat (usually! Sometimes it’s very, very humbling.) 🙂

  2. This re-cap has made me realize afresh just how much I enjoy your writing, and how much I appreciate the diversity of your giftedness and insights. I love that your wisdom spans over such a wide variety of topics, all of which are so applicable and useful for edification and sanctification. Thank you for being faithful to write.

    1. Thank you, Kate, for your unfailing encouragement this year. It has meant so very much to me, and I am so glad we get to be writing buddies over such a great distance!

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