3 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

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Perhaps the thought of blogging has always been at the back of your mind. Perhaps it even made it onto your secret list of New Years’ Resolutions. Perhaps others have suggested you should try writing.

If you have a device to read this, then you’ve got all you need to write….

If any of those is you, then perhaps you should start a blog. Here are three reasons why:

1. Because you can

Blogging is a pretty much zero-cost hobby to take up. It can be as private or as public as you want it to be. It can take as little or as much time as you want to put into it. But if you have access to the internet, you can start a blog – and you have a choice of a number of excellent, free platforms to get you started.

I personally have tried Blogger and WordPress. Both are excellent. I started with Blogger (which gives you a ***.blogspot.com web address), and found it easy to use, although photo uploads were sometimes painfully slow. I think Blogger might be the better choice for a personal, quieter blog as there is less “cross-pollination” between blogs, IMO.

When I started this public blog I switched to WordPress, which seemed to be the platform used by more of the popular bloggers. WordPress has better stats tracking and also a more integrated blogging community (for example, it will notify you of responses to comments you make on other WordPress blogs). A beginner’s note though: unless you can do fancy footwork with hosts and servers and other such techno-wizardry (which I can’t), the one you want is wordpress.COM, not wordpress.ORG.

2. Because you want to

Blogging is a low-risk exercise to try. There are any number of reasons one might want to blog: a place to journal, to keep a record of family events, a “running newsletter” to friends far away, to create a resource for others in an area you are skilled in, to provide a creative outlet, to practice writing….. and no doubt many more.

My vote is: if you want to, why not try it. My only caution would be this: the internet has a long memory and search engines reveal the most amazing things – so if you are wanting to blog about your family or process thoughts about difficult situations or relationships, you might want to consider a private blog, or a way of protecting the people and places you write about. My private blog has pictures of my family. This one doesn’t mention my husband or kids by name or have pictures of them because it is far more widely read, and I want to protect their privacy.

If you want to, you can blog. And since it’s your project – its something you don’t have to stress about. If you want to write every day, YOU CAN! And if you want to give it a break – YOU CAN! If you want to…. give it a go.

3. Because you have something to contribute

The internet is a place filled with dark and horrible words and images. However, I have also found the internet to be a wonderful place to connect with encouraging, thought-provoking people, and interacting with them has enriched me tremendously.

If you, in your real life, are someone who wants to add value to conversations, who seeks to promote truth and love and understanding and encouragement, who want to be a positive force for good in the world…. then why not take that blessing online?

You could write about things that have been hard for you: There are others who may desperately need to hear your story so that they know they are not alone.

You could write a family blog, and help your far-flung family feel that they are not so far away as your children grow.

You could start a resource blog: Others might need the tip you are willing to share, the wisdom you gleaned from some experience or education in your life that you are not able to practice much in your current life phase – but you can still equip others from it.

You could write a faith blog – and share in the rich mutually-enriching fellowship of the universal church online.

You could start a community interest blog like my friend Jenn – expxloring fabulous local produce and community activities in our county.

You could start a travel blog, and perhaps save someone from food poisoning because of your recommendations to avoid the tipsy street vendor in Bangkok. Who knows? Who knows?

That could be you.

So if you want to, and you can, and you have something to say – why not start a blog? And if you do, why not leave a link in the comments section below if you’d like a visitor and some encouragement? Go on. Let 2014 be the year you took up the challenge.

photo credit: Janefriedman.com

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7 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Should Start a Blog”

  1. Good reasons, all. I hope your words encourage someone to give it a go. It really is a lot of fun, and cheaper than a therapist! 😉

  2. I am always trying to get my friends to write a blog…I love it for all the reasons you mentioned…and I don’t even have anything “important” to write about. When I look back at older posts, I am always glad that I took the time to document our life. Happy Writing!! Or should I say Happy Blogging? 🙂

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