Pick of the Clicks – 1/5/2014

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Happy New Year!

These are some of the best things I have read ALL YEAR!! (ha! I love first week of the year jokes) Some heart breaking, some awesome: enjoy!

First up: something to bookmark for sheer awesomeness: 101 household tips for every room in your house. There are some SHEER GENIUS suggestions here. Truly.

The word nerd in me loved this from Mental Floss (how can you not love a website called Mental Floss?): 14 words that are their own opposites. Haha!

Then, food for thought and food for the soul:

I so related to this piece from Lore Ferguson: sometimes we feel lost even in our own skin. Her piece, the promise of place, is full of hope and wisdom.

I LOVED this piece from Sarah Bessey, “In which I praise the village“. YES YES YES, A huge shout of gratitude for the many, many folk who enrich and invest in the lives of our children. Gosh, we need all y’all.

Idelette’s words of encouragement and anointing (yes, I mean it) are precious life-giving words for women. If you’re in need of some encouragement today, read it 🙂

Speaking of encouragement, I loved this post from Cara Strickland: a Letter to Me. I love the idea of writing letters to myself: so often the things we KNOW to be true seem eclipsed by the feelings of what we fear might be true, and to write a letter to oneself affirming the things you know seemed such a healthy and wonderfully soothing thing to do. Read it. Maybe write yourself a letter too.

Brianna Meade’s guest post at DL Mayfield’s blog; Missionary Kid and Downward Mobility was just beautiful. So much to think about as we struggle with issues of identity, fitting in, finding community, reaching out to build relationships with others…. Lovely.

And lastly: a post which is not lovely at all, but which is important. As someone who would wear the “calvinist” cap, and also attends a church where distinct male-female roles in marriage and church are upheld; it is DEEPLY DISTURBING to me to read that there are terrible and profound abuses of women and children happening and being justified as “biblical”. Hard as it may be to read about these things, we MUST keep an eye out in our churches for places where people are being abused, controlled and hurt – for the victims in such situations cannot do so. This article linked to is The Christian Patriarchy Movement’s Dark Secret of Wife Spanking, and the discussion in the comments is eye-opening and important. Abuse can only continue if no one speaks up. It DOES happen, and we need to expose it where we see it.

Top of my blog this week? Another from the Ask Bronwyn series: On Making New Friends. The post deals with making friends in new stages of life; after college or when newly married, but please read the comments from Joanna below the post on the challenge of older people and retirees making friends.

That’s all for this week. Happy clicking, and if you have any must read suggestions, please leave them in the comments below 🙂

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