Pick of the clicks 12/1/2014

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Just a few links for you this week, but they are so very, very good:

Ruth Moon’s piece on The normal, drama free, totally healthy Christian Homeschool movement is a must read, even if you have zero interest in home schooling. It is SO insightful about the way we form our view of “news” and “balanced opinion” from online reading. If you’re reading this, you read online, and you should read this!

Malcolm Gladwell’s article on how he rediscovered faith is phenomenal. I have long been a fan of Gladwell’s thought, and this article was so unexpected.

Also at Relevant, I loved Meredith Day’s piece on the best way to challenge your view of God. My own experience in different traditions of Christian faith completely supports what she says in this article, but she said it ever so eloquently.

A long twitter conversation this week about Calvinism sparked Alistair Roberts to list nine reasons why he is thankful for Calvinism. Hint: not one of them had to do with TULIPs.

On a completely different note, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary posted this list of true complaints which people made against tour companies. It’s hilarious and RIDICULOUS. We are all just such WHINERS sometimes!

I had two pieces up elsewhere this week: at Think Christians on Ecclesiastes’ tip for making your New Years resolutions matter, and at Start Marriage Right on the One thing that marriage does which living together doesn’t… Which is my most shared article ever. Hot topic, I guess 🙂

Then one last thing to note: if you follow this blog via Facebook, then it’s likely that you are seeing less than 10% of the things I post, thanks to Facebook’s new algorithm. I’m disappointed, because I thought it would be a great way to follow some other fellow writer friends blogs, but their stuff is just not appearing on my newsfeed anymore (and mine is not appearing in yours either). So I’m switching to following by email or RSS subscription, and perhaps if you a want to follow this blog, you may want to consider doing that too. Just a thought…

Happy clicking!!

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4 thoughts on “Pick of the clicks 12/1/2014”

  1. That one about Malcolm Gladwell was RIVETING. I absolutely love his work. I love how he says he always believed in a god, just never in the power of God. How true I think that is for many. Most of my friends believe in “something out there,” it’s the details that they haven’t figured out (and don’t care about–if there’s a God, he should be able to speak for himself).

    This has probably started a seed of change in how I view life-ministry and loving others that is now growing…

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