An incredible movie and a book giveaway – The Locust Effect

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Yesterday I introduced you to a book I believe is going to change the way we look at global poverty: The Locust Effect. If you missed yesterday, here’s the link to The Beginner’s Guide to the Locust Effect, and the  link to The Locust Effect website. Today: there’s a free movie and free books (yes! that’s plural! BOOKS!) up for grabs.

Watch the Movie

Maybe wordy words are not your thing. Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, here is a short video to introduce The Locust Effect.

This week, we are spreading the word about the plague of everyday violence and the urgent need for us to address it for the sake of the billions of vulnerable and victimized poor in our world. This calls for courage on our part: courage to not look away, to ask hard questions, to get involved in something messy for the sake of loving the least of these.

Share and Win!

The goal this week is to be AWARE and SHARE. We want to get the word out. IJM has generously offered to let me give away a copy of the book. A hard back copy of The Locust Effect is up for grabs to all entrants within the USA. However, I want to add another book to the prize pile – and so I am offering a Kindle version of the book to a winner outside of the USA, which can be received by email. That’s right folks – there are TWO COPIES OF THE LOCUST EFFECT UP FOR GRABS!

To enter, leave a comment and tell me what action step you took from the suggestions below (share on Twitter, sign the petition, watch the video, etc…). For multiple entries, leave a separate comment for each action step you took.  I will choose a random winner on February 9th. Suggested action steps:

Spread the word about the Locust Effect: Shine a light into the dark places by talking about The Locust Effect with friends and sharing links on social media.

  • Share the video on facebook, twitter, google +, or email it to someone.
  • Share the Locust Effect website
  • Share a blog post about it.
  • Sample Tweet: Can watching a video change the lives of the world’s 4bil poorest? Maybe not, but it’s a start. Watch:
  • -Sample Tweet: It’s time! Buy @garyhaugen’s #LocustEffect this week & $20 will go to @IJM to fight violence against the poor. A win-win:

Grab a button and make it your profile picture or cover photo:



TLE Facebook_Cover

Buy the book It is available in major stores and online. (From now until February 8th, $20 will be donated for every copy of The Locust Effect sold, up to $40,000 or 2,000 copies. This would fund 8 rescue operations and rescue hundreds! All author royalties go to IJM to help fight violence against the poor.)

Sign the petition – Send a message to the U.N. now. Ask that violence against the poor be elevated as a global issue. (You can sign with one-click by connecting to Facebook, it only takes a few seconds)

Donate – IJM (the International Justice Mission) is on the ground all over the world bringing rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. Give freedom, give justice.

Be creative – share about the Locust Effect in your small group, mention it in a lecture where international affairs are being discussed, write a letter to a newspaper, write a song and share it, shoot a short video with some friends saying “I know what the Locust Effect is!” and upload it onto youtube.

Leave a comment with your action step to enter, and don’t forget to say whether you’re a US or International entrant. Good luck, and thank you for helping spread the word!

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24 thoughts on “An incredible movie and a book giveaway – The Locust Effect”

  1. I shared the video on Facebook. I tried to share the others, but iPhone is not allowing me too. I will try again later! Thanks for being such a strong advocate for violence against women! It is a subject near and dear to my heart and it is a topic thy many fear to talk about! So glad that this is changing and looking forward to seeing these types of injustices being fought against! Thank you friend!

  2. I just shared the video on my wall and ordered the book. I’m looking forward to reading it! Thanks for bringing this cause to our attention!

  3. I’m attempting to pull together a group of people to read and discuss this. I hope it happens! I’m planning to buy the book but if I win a free copy (hint hint!) then I’ll share that with someone who may not have bought it themselves so they can join the discussion! 🙂

  4. And shared with my new colleagues at the hospital I’ll be at, as well as with my little group that we’re learning about Nepal with. We just heard about violence stories yesterday, so this is good timing. Thanks, Bronwyn!

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  7. I am attending the book launch party with you and reposting your blog to my facebook! love it, bronwyn. so blessed and truly inspired by your blog.

  8. I shared the video on Twitter, and signed the petition. I’ll post about the petition tomorrow on my FB page when it’s not so late and more people are reading!!

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