Pick of the Clicks 2/15/14

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I have some excellent things to recommend this week! Pick of the clicks honors this week to:

– Patrick Stafford for an excellent article on men and miscarriage. After sharing my own story last week and getting so many responses, I have been saying “we women need to talk about miscarriage.” I was mistaken. Men need to be part of the conversation: the dads are hurting too.

– Jamie The Very Worst Missionary for Grace Waits: there is a world of difference between hoping to be the June Cleaver type of graceful, and the grace-filled wrecks that we are.

– Micha Boyett with An invitation to curiosity: a gentle piece about how we can show our love to people (and especially our children) by being curious about them. Loved this.

– Genevieve Pearson for Uncertain: a brave and beautiful post for those who are anxious about uncertainty.

-Rachel Held Evans for What if Men got the Titus 2 Treatment : a totally eye-opening piece, done with gentle humor, which really showed me how finessed our reading of the women-passages-of-the-bible are. READ THIS ONE. I was stunned.

– Liz Mallory with When someone speaks up, don’t silence them. Liz knows what she’s talking about, and in a world where so many seem to have an opinion on whether someone should speak up about abuse (or whether they are credible doing so), her words are important and oh so brave.

– Josh Larsen for asking such interesting questions in Why Barbie was destined for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

– Hannah Boning for her beautiful piece When I sit on the couch and am silent: a real challenge to us when we think we are too young/too single/too uneducated/too ANYTHING to contribute meaningfully. You are not “just” anything. Gorgeous.

– to Preston Yancey for his very revealing look at When I have a (talking about) drinking problem. I think he’s on to something here – are we flippant in our joking about drinking, joking from a presumed place of safety (and superiority?)

Top of my blog this week? When you’re married to a grad student 🙂 For some reasons, the marriage posts are always a hit!

Then this really made me laugh: 42 ways to type laughter (warning: language!)

And finally, some creepy medical pictures from history, which were completely fascinating!!

Please, share your pick of the clicks with us in the comments below! Happy clicking 🙂

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