Pick of the Clicks 3/1/2014

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It’s been raining this week in our drought-ridden little town, and I am so incredibly grateful. It has been a marvelous week for watching green return to the world outside! It’s also been a great week for curling up to read, and here are some of my best picks from the week:

Loved this from Rachel Lewis. She is spot on with this piece: why miscarriage matters if you’re pro-life.

Laura Ortberg Turner wrote a great piece about the just-plain-nastiness that exists online, particularly among Christians who disagree with each other. I loved her article don’t be an asshole.

Rosa Brooks’ response to the reigning “Lean In” philosophy of the day was really good food for thought. Leaning in is killing us, she writes. Let’s recline. Read this one.

Kristen Welch’s post I Think We May Be Missing Something Very Important was excellent, and definitely one I want to keep in mind as my kids get older. This was so wise, so helpful, so true.

Scott Dannemiller, the accidental missionary, wrote a great post with The one things Christians should stop saying. (Hint: it’s blessing. Suggestion: just say you’re grateful instead)

Liz Ditty has some great suggestions in this post: 5 ways to invest in your toddler’s spiritual development. I especially loved the prayer sticks idea! This is one for your pinterest board, friends.

Then, this week Glennon Melton at Momastery hosted a series called Our Sacred Scared. I read all 5 days of this 5 day series, and each one was short and powerful. Do yourself a favor and browse around. Each day featured 2 “celebrities” sharing just one paragraph of something they’re deeply afraid of. 10 power-packed paragraphs in total. Good stuff.

This made me laugh out loud: a news article from the UK: “Beware the wrath of the church organist“. I can just imagine…

Remember Roald Dahl’s Book The Enormous Crocodile? It was a childhood favorite: a tale of a menacing crocodile who got up to all sorts of sneaky tricks to try and producre a kid-sized-snack. His ploys included hiding in a carousel and disguising himself as a tree. As a kid, I felt free to enjoy the story since obviously all the elements of it were fantasy. Until this week I learned this:

Crocodiles CAN climb trees. That book is banished from my house (and hopefully, from my nightmares!)

This week I was also introduced to the magical editing genius of Zach King: this one is fun for the whole family 🙂

Then, my stuff. Top of my blog was my confession of a love of shoes. Turns out, I’m not the only one 🙂

I was also honored to get to participate in Preston Yancey’s series on “what women want from the church”. My answer? the Jesus of the Gospels.

And finally, I had my first piece published in Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog this week. I love reading Her.meneutics (I think an average at least one Her.mi article a week in Pick of the Clicks!), and so I was delighted to share space there talking about the tricky topic of divorce. I hope you got a chance to read it: What God Teaches us About Broken Marriage Vows.

That’s all folks! Happy clicking 🙂

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  1. I have started reading almost EVERY article you post in these 🙂 They are just so good! A lot of good ones on parenting this week. I feel like I could actually do that some day, you know? “Lean back” and let my kids serve instead of handing them what they want…gosh, it seems easier than what culture has made it. Why did we make it harder for ourselves?

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