Pick of the Clicks 3/8/2014

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Just a few clicks for you this week – but they are FABULOUS ones! This week, starting with the funny first:

I loved this photo of a store shelf which got rearranged by a very clever consumer 🙂

Pick of the Clicks 3/9

Then, top honors to Dylan Wright, son of Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, who found that he had access to his Mom’s Facebook account (and her 47,000) followers. The story of what he did, and what happened next was written up by his mama: Please, Lord, let him be funny. It is the most perfect tale of love, revenge and parenting. LOVE it. Laughed MANY times reading and re-reading this.

This week I also discovered Karen Dabaghian’s blog, which I love! Her post Had I know then what I know now is a letter to herself when she was starting out on the parenting journey. Filled with wisdom and hilarity, this one. This is a blog to follow…

My friend Nancy Lambrechts (a Brit by birth whom I met in South Africa and who now lives in Rwanda) wrote a painful and beautiful piece this week after reflecting on the deaths of a few friends’ children. She recounts what she has learned (and is learning) about facing her own fears as a mother in A mother’s greatest fear: hard truths learnt through the pain of friends. Nancy is wise, honest, humble, and this post was so very good.

I held my breath all the way through reading Margot Starbuck’s guest post at Mary deMuth’s blog this week: What I Knew In My Deep Places. Reading this was like reading Toni Morrison: a lifetime of experience and wisdom, crafted into just a few words. I cannot wait to read Margot’s new book “Not Who I Imagined: Surprised by a Loving God:”.

This week yet another Mark Driscoll “scandal” erupted. This piece by Sarah Cunningham expressed the confusion, on-the-fenceness, and subtlety of how I feel about this so well: The Injustice of Silence: Why Our Culture Pulled Mark Driscoll Over For A Broken Headlight.

Dorcas Cheng-Tozun wrote a beautiful story for The Well: Laughter and Singing for All the Mountains to Hear. Loved this. Couldn’t stop smiling. (This essay won a competition for best story!)

Esther Emery’s guest post at Addie Zierman’s blog One Small Change: Do the Math is an excellent little piece. Read this one. I hadn’t stopped to think about how all the little things we buy translate into real, actual hours of our lives spent working. This is a winsome and yet radical eye-opener.

Finally, I read an article from 2004 by NT Wright on Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis. I am ten years late in reading this, but it gave me MUCH to think about. I am still working through and thinking through and praying through this issue, and this article was helpful both in highlighting contextual issues for the 1st century as well as contextual issues for the 21st century in interpretation. So good. If this is a topic you’re thinking through, this was a worthwhile read.

Then from me: I had an article at Think Christian this week on left-handedness, privilege and what difference it makes to the way we read the Bible: Reading the Bible Left-handed.

And then on my blog, a piece about The Thing I’d Rather Be Doing (which got a lot of sympathy and “me toos” from other writer friends), and then a post about Why we said no to preschool. This preschool post got so much traffic on thursday and friday and WordPress sent me a message to comment on it! Who knew preschool was such a hot topic?!

Enjoy the clicks – I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this week’s lineup! And as always, leave a comment if something caught your eye and you want to share!

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