A very polite, completely reasonable, utterly exhausted DST appeal

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Dear People-In-Charge-Of-The-Clocks,

Please, please, please: can we do away with Daylight Savings Time?

This past weekend we were all supposed to “spring forward”, but it’s 5 days later and there is still a lot more lagging than springing going on.


I wasn’t a big fan of changing the clocks to begin with. Before we had children, it was simply a nuisance. Twice a year we would do the rounds in the house and try and find every single time piece which needed adjusting. We always failed to find one, which almost always ended up with panic and palpitations when we were late to church/missed a meeting/arrived at work an hour before everyone else/called overseas an hour after everyone had gone to sleep. It was a nuisance then.

It’s a nightmare, now. With three small kids in the house, this bi-annual event inflicts all the horrors of jet lag on our family, without one single happy vacation-in-a-distant-land photo to make up for it. They are hungry at the wrong time. They wake up at the wrong time. And worst of all (this only makes sense in that awful logic of tiny people) – they are not just going to sleep an hour later than usual… it’s two hours. Three hours. And come morning when it’s school-a-go-go time, it is as if they are stapled to their mattresses. This week after the time-change is a brutal one. Today my four year old lay sobbing in a heap because his brother ate the only banana he wanted (there were still 6 left). Later, sobbing on the floor of the garage because he had “no energy to get into the car”. Don’t even get me started on the herculean task it was to put on shoes. Over tired children are maddening, miserable little things.

My vote is that we make this last time change the last one. We just stay in this time zone forever. Hawaii and Arizona are on to something. When Fall comes around, let’s not steal that last bit of daylight at the end of the day and tuck it into the 6am zone when most everyone (sane) is indoors and in their pajamas. Let’s keep the time zone where it is now – just shift California over from GMT-8 and park us permanently in GMT-7… leaving us that extra bit of sunshine at the end of the day to walk in our yard after work, to run an errand after the office closes down without it being pitch dark, to savor a sunset even in the bleak midwinter.

Please, oh please. Let’s do away with this madness and leave the clocks where they are. Please?


One very-polite, completely-reasonable and utterly-exhausted Mom.

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11 thoughts on “A very polite, completely reasonable, utterly exhausted DST appeal”

  1. Well, drat. I can’t agree with you. If we stick to this time, my kids will be going to school in the dark all winter. Can we agree to changing our more time in the Autumn and then keep all the clocks constant? Pretty please?

  2. This time change is WAY better than the fall one. I can’t complain given that Ava goes to bed now at a more reasonable hour (6:00 pm was really ridiculous) and sleeps until 7:30 or 8 instead of her usual 6:30 or 7. It’s like heaven. Fall is going to kick my a**. 🙂 And with all these daylight hours while we’re awake, she’s definitely burned all that energy by bedtime. Wahoo! Bring on DST! Maybe keep it forever so we don’t have to change back at the fall to those early risings 🙂

  3. Yes, totally agree! This was one of those rude surprises I got when we moved from South Africa to Norway with a 3 and 1 year old. Now they are 8 and 6 and it’s still just horrible. I have often wanted to write a letter to those mysterious time people. hehe.

  4. Cute and funny 🙂 (Because I don’t have kids. 😛 ) It was weird to me this year: there were only TWO clocks in our ENTIRE 2000 sq-ft home that needed changing. All the rest are computers and phones that do it automatically. #whatisthisworldcomingto

  5. My body has a biological clock that rebels at time change. I was at my daughter’s house on Monday and our three-year old was cranky, to which Deb said, whoever decided to DST did not have young children. I see that you agree.

  6. I had to laugh when I read this . . . I JUST finished changing all of our clocks and I’m wondering how I’m going to convince the boys to go to bed when it’s so “early” 🙂

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