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This morning we ran out of Nutella. This may technically classify as a “#firstworldproblem”, but in our house it is still a problem.

Adding to my child’s misery, I also would not let her chew gum before breakfast. Nor would I let them watch Netflix under the covers instead of going to school. Nor was there any bacon. Cue foot stomping and a lot of pouting from children.

Cue firm words of rebuke from mom, accompanied by a clipped rehearsal of the “let’s be grateful for what we have rather than complain about what we don’t have” speech. I make that speech several times a day.

It is amazing to me how the little things that go right or wrong on any given morning set the tone for the day. And so, in the spirit of setting a good example, I took a deep breath and counted blessings.

This morning, it rained. We prayed for weeks and weeks through this drought-stricken winter for relief – and this March, it came. I am so grateful.

More than that, our garden is springing to life. I now understand why hope is said to “spring”. There is almost nothing as hopeful as seeing life sprout from what seemed to be dead-dry branches. Hope springs. And spring brings hope. We have hope blossoms all over our apple, lemon and cherry trees. So grateful.

We have roses. Oh glory, we have roses.

Notice the raindrops. Oh thank you, God.

After a weekend of whining about “never getting what she wants” (specifically, the movie “Frozen”), my eldest read a magazine article about a 9 year old who used her allowance to make “feel better baskets” for sick kids in the hospital. She declared that instead of saving her allowance to buy the DVD, she’d like to make “feel better baskets” too. I’m so grateful: not only for this mercy springing up in my daughter’s soul, but also that our house will be spared a few more weeks of not having to “let it go”, on repeat, every hour.

I talked to my Mom. Skype is wonderful. So grateful.

My husband kissed me goodbye this morning. My daughter ran back for a “last chance” hug. So grateful.

My toddler gave me a kiss this morning. It was full of buttered toast crumbs and milk. It was perfect.

It’s the little things.

And so, I declare that today is a beautiful day, even though we ran out of Nutella.

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6 thoughts on “Minutiae”

  1. I love those extra hugs from the kids! Our youngest often calls me back to her room at bedtime and while I stand at the threshold, she smiles to me and says, “Mama, I really like you.” Melt my heart- that’s a spring of hope moment after a day in the trenches!

  2. I love “the little things that happened today” stories like this! It’s funny how those little beauties make us smile…even when they didn’t happen to us personally 🙂

  3. Thank you for such a sweet reminder of the treasures in every day moments and how unexpectedly grace can explode into our lives. Lovely!

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