Pick of the Clicks 4/5/14

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This time next weekend I will be in Michigan, at the Festival of Faith and Writing! I am so excited to meet, in person, so many of the people whose pieces I have picked for clicking over the past months… truly, SO EXCITED! I am going to listen, to learn, and to savor the richness of on-line connections flourishing into real-life relationships! Maybe there will be a Pick of the Clicks next week, but probably not. I’m going to be chatting, not clicking!

Getting to go to the festival is exciting, but it has been scary for me too: I would still consider myself to be a beginner writer, and I don’t have well-thought out ambitions or goals or a writing “strategy”. I felt like, perhaps, going to a Writing Conference when I wasn’t a very intentional Writer might make me a bit of a fraud. But reading this: There Is No That, from Myke Cole, was probably the most encouraging thing I could have found this week. Aspiring writers, artists, dreamers – don’t miss this one.

This came out last week, but I’ve been mulling on it for a week. Jonathan Merritt’s article A Thread called Grace is an INCREDIBLE read. Truly, remarkable. It’s an excerpt from his newly released book, “Jesus is better than you imagined“, and I cannot wait to read it. His book was released a week ago, and it already has over 400 5-star reviews on Amazon! An excerpt:

“I crammed all the pain and emotions and memories into a box. I tossed the box into a bag and wrapped the bag in duct tape and rolled the whole wad with a steel chain. On this chain, I clamped a lock whose key had been thrown away. And I buried it in my memory.”

This week also saw another book release: Lisa-Jo Baker’s “Surprised by Motherhood“. I am awaiting my copy in the mail. I have been reading Lisa-Jo’s blog for a while now and love her writing. If you want a taste of Lisa-Jo and her book, watch this little movie. (Warning: kleenex alert. Also: you might cheer.)

My new friend Micha Boyett also released a book “Found” this week (what a week!!), and she is one of the people I am so excited to week at the Festival this week. I have been reading snippets of Micah’s writing all over the internet this week, and this one was my favorite – When The Joy Runs Out. Cannot wait to meet Micah. Cannot wait to read her book. Cannot. Wait.

Jessica Griffith’s piece Against Gratitude is so full of wisdom that I couldn’t even choose one quote to select for you. If you’ve thought about deliberately trying to cultivate gratitude in yourself or your children, read this. Really.

I’ve read a lot of Melody Harrison Hanson’s stuff this week: she is one brave, deep writer – writing truth from the midst of some very dark places and fighting her way to the light one keystroke at a time. I highly commend Melody’s blog Logic and Imagination, but this week wanted to link you to her piece at Today’s Christian Woman on How to Love a Drunk. Phew. For better or for worse indeed.

* Note – I subscribe online to Christianity Today. I think I paid a whopping $9 or something like that for the subscription. It was TOTALLY worth it. I think one or more of the articles above may have been “subscriber only” to read the whole thing, but I’m not sure. If so – I’m sorry, but I would like to vouch for the value of the subscription. It costs the same as two Sunday newspapers, and gives a years’ worth of incredible content.

Much has been written on the latest release of the Noah movie this week. I liked what Leslie Leyland Field had to say about it in Three Huge Things “Noah” gets right, and We Christians Have Gotten Wrong.

Then, this made me laugh and think and laugh some more, and think some more. This is a Generic Brand Video:

And these 37 pictures of first world anarchists was the hilarious highlight of my week.

On my blog – did you see the lovely Cara Strickland’s Guest Post on Wednesday – Be Well? I hope so 🙂 I also get to meet Cara face to face this week. (did I mentioned how wildly excited I am about this?)

Top click on my blog this week was an old post “Mommy, what’s Autistic?“, which I reposted in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Which leads me to my final pick of the clicks for the week – a piece which was posted by two of my close friends who are moms of boys with autism: The Obsessive Joy of Autism. Julia’s post is incredible, eye-opening, and just beautiful. I hope you’ll click over and have a read.

As always, I’m curious to know what you’ve read that caught your eye? And what you wrote? Please, leave a comment below!

Happy clicking 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 4/5/14”

  1. Regarding being an “intentional” writer, I suggest you are a “purposeful” writer (i.e., writing with a manifest purpose) as opposed to an Intentional write (i.e., one who writes deliberately).

  2. Feeling so envious that you’ll be at FFW! I was there in 2010 but since then it hasn’t worked out and I’m bummed. I am hoping for 2016; in the meantime I’ll be experiencing it vicariously through everyone’s tweets (hint hint). 🙂

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