Pick of the Clicks 4/19/14

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So this was a fun week: if you’re in the USA, every date this week was a numeric palindrome!





etc. My inner geek rejoices!

In other news: I had a most wonderful time at the Festival of Faith and Writing: listening, learning, laughing, walking, walking more, hugging strangers I’ve loved online for months as if they were old friends. It was fantastic. I loved new friend Kim van Brunt’s summary of the Festival – she put the experience into words perfectly: On Inspiration Overload.

One highlight of the Festival was getting to meet the editors and many of the contributors to Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics, which is arguably my favorite online read. This week I wanted to commend: Don’t Blame Evangelicals for the Cult of the Virgin by Karen Swallow Prior (whom I met! Yay!!!)

One of the things I realized at the Festival is how relatively poorly read I am. I have a HEAP of reading, both ancient and modern, I want to do! But since I’m not going to get to reading all of Shakespeare in the immediate future, I liked Good Tickle Brain’s summary of all of the Shakespeare plays in three cartoon panels. Very useful. Also, a great reminder that complexity of plot is not necessary to make a classic!

Tylor Standly’s piece on 6 People Who Should Be Banned From Evangelicasm (Or, A Lesson in Consistency) is a fabulous read. You might be surprised.

Loved reading this week about Yellowberry: Meet the Teen Titan Who Is Taking On The Youth Bra Industry. GO GIRL!!! I am so impressed.

I so appreciated Cara Meredith’s little Starbucks story: beautifully and honestly told in This Morning’s Barista.

On a completely different note: I want to share with you this week’s biggest laugh. My domestic goddess of a sister, who keeps a variety of animals and grows her own produce, was growing wary of an increasingly belligerent rooster in their back yard. He attacked my nephew. Enough was enough: this is what she did.

nemesis meal

Coq au Vin will henceforth always be called Nemesis Meal in our house 🙂

Also, my friend Liz Mallory (who wrote a fabulous guest post last week, in case you missed it!), posted this picture which made me giggle: One donut to rule them all.

LOTR donut

My friend Kelley posted these fabulous 29 charts that detail painfully accurate facts of life. Hahahahahaha! I couldn’t even choose a favorite!

As for me: I had my first article published in RELEVANT magazine last week: Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Authentic? woo hoo!!

I also decided to take Glennon Melton at Momastery’s challenge and write about something messy and beautiful. I wrote about marriage, and was amazed at the response to this piece: Angry Birds and Silences.

And then, coming back to the Festival again, I met an extraordinary teacher on the plane last week. Watching her grade moved me to tears (no joke), and I hammered out a quick 20 minute letter to her students in Note to a Junior High Student… which has turned out to be my most shared blog post ever! I think there are a lot of teachers out there in need of some encouragement 🙂

Finally: this is Easter Weekend. My favorite Easter insight came from Margot Starbuck’s post “Because Jesus Didn’t Treat His Friends Like Numbskulls“. Touching, thought-provoking, funny. It even had a hashtag in it. (And also? I met Margot at the Festival. She is awesome – and a fierce copy editor – check out her work at WordMelon.)

I also tried my hand at writing a short story this week: Two Silent Confessions. I don’t usually write fiction, but loved writing this and found it surprisingly worshipful. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also – we have a WINNER of Vivian Mabuni’s most wonderful book “Warrior in Pink”. Check out Viv’s post from this week… and the winner is Kate Motaung! I’ll be in touch!

That’s all for this week, friends. Please leave a comment and say hi. What’s the best thing you read this week? What’s the best thing you wrote?

Happy clicking!


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