Pick of the Clicks 4/26/14

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This week’s edition of the Pick of the Clicks is slick and quick – take your pick!

For those of us who ever have to say I’m sorry, or for those of us who are trying to teach our young ones to say sorry, I loved this from Joellen: a better way to say I’m sorry.

Tamara Rice’s guest post at Sarah Bessey’s  on how her Kingdom Calling Grew With Every Sentence was magnificent in every way. (Trigger alert with this one on sexual abuse, although it is redemptively and wisely handled).

Laura Droege’s Thoughts from the Chemo Room were beautiful, challenging, haunting. I have not yet read before the thoughts of someone who did not have cancer but who was on the inside of chemo treatment – what an eye-opener.

This week there was some kerfuffle in the internet over a speech Heath Lamberts made about combating pornography. Even if the phrase he used to hang his talk on was problematic – his call was excellent and I really appreciated Ellen Mandeville’s summary of it. This one is worth a read. It’s a BIG issue. Bigger than we perhaps think.

Also, this from Ryan Frederick at Fierce Marriage – 6 reasons men should watch where they look.

I was sad this week, and I spent a lot of time lying around eating ice-cream. I wasn’t expecting to come across something which so spoke to my situation as this from Leslie Leland Fields: Sloth and Sadness. I love this woman so much: she gets it. An excerpt:

“The full armor of God doesn’t protect against sadness and betrayal—-because these are not our true enemies.”

Probably the most tender thing I have read in a while was this BEAUTIFUL piece from Sherri Lowly, whom I had the terrific privilege of meeting a few weeks ago. Over at Amy Julia Becker’s column, Sherrie writes about Parenting a Child That is Profoundly Other. Oh. My. Goodness.

If you’re on Twitter – consider joining the Luke to Acts Bible Study which started this week. Look up the #luke2acts hashtag, or get a taste of the kind of stuff that’s been discussed at moderator Alastair Robert’s blog 🙂 (Also, look out for the Archangel Gabriel’s calling card in that click, designed by my brilliant and hilarious friend Corrie)

Matt Boswell’s list of 10 things pastors hate to admit publicly was eye-opening and very wise. If you’re a church-goer, I wonder if you know these things about your pastor?

Loved this mature, awesome reflection on sex from Katherine Willis Pershey at Deeper Story: Well, you know. SOOOOO good.

My awesome hubby found this clip, which our kids loved and I thought was fascinating:

And then while I’m doing the geeky parenting thing, Tim Fall shared this link which made me wish I knew more chemistry:

And from me? This week I was both terrified and grateful to have SheLoves publish my story The Day I Knew I, Too, Could Murder. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever written. But it was time. I will not be publishing it on this blog, so if you want to read it please click over there 🙂


That’s all from me this week.

What caught your eye? What would you like to share? Please, leave a comment!

Happy clicking.





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  1. I always love your picks…and I always love your writing! I don’t always get to read it until a week or so has passed, but I just want you to know I’m reading (eventually)!

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