Pick of the Clicks 5/3/14

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Just a handful this week – but oh so good. Enjoy!

Loved this gentle and unexpected love story from David Brooks.

Oh-so-convicting and well-written from Ellen Mandeville: The Way of the Hermit. It includes the alarming true story of a computer being thrown off a deck….

This, from Holley Gerth, was SO beautiful – I’m Celebrating Mother’s Day For the 1st Time.

Yet another post of insight and brilliance from Karen Dabaghian (whose blog you SHOULD follow): God’s Got Your Back? One of the best things I’ve read as I wrestle with the hundreds of Nigerian girls who were abducted.

This one is from a while ago, but I just came across it this week: Why We Shouldn’t Trust Our Stories from Alastair’s Adversaria.

Sheer Genius this week from the Honest Toddler: An Open Letter To the Child I Hit At The Park.

Best facebook status update this week, from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary:


Two astute and brilliant pieces of satire this week:

* What I wish women knew about men – from Micah J Murray, and

* How the rich can make church a safe place for the greedy – from Jayson Bradley. Stellar stuff.

And this:

women with weight

And then your video for the week (possibly the month, the year….):

Finally, on my blog this week – Rest In Pieces (the story of how seeing my youngest child’s crib dismantled kind of got me unhinged too), and When you Feel “Less Than” (a little reflection on the age old problem of feeling inferior when we admire someone else’ skills….)

What about you? What did you read? What did you write? Please share!!





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  1. Bron! Wow, thanks for adding me to your awesome Picks of the Clicks! I love your Web recap and was surprised to find my post there. What’s funny is that the reason I’m glad you liked it is because it means we have some element of kindredness, and that makes me happy! Hope you have a great week! OH, and the “Recent Study” graphic made me seriously laugh out loud! Too true!

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