A Wedding Prayer

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(With love and congratulations to A&M on their beautiful wedding in oh-so-beautiful Yosemite)


Lord, You are the Maker of heaven and earth – and what a magnificent piece of earth we are in.  Today we thank you for all you have made.

A & M have made plans and preparations, and each of us have made a journey to be here –

   – but this is the day You have made, and we rejoice and are glad in it.

Long ago, each of them made a commitment to follow you –

    – but You are the one who made them new creations in Christ.

They have waited patiently, and made their decision to marry today –

    – but you are the one who gave them patience in the waiting, knowing that there was someone you had made specifically for them.

Today they are making vows to be husband and wife to each other –

     – and yet You are the one who will join them together and make them a family.

In the years ahead they will make decisions and make donations. They will make trips, make sandwiches, and make friends. They will make love, make jokes and make a home together,

    – and as they do that, committing their ways to you and leaning on you for wisdom, would You – the Maker of all things – make their paths straight?


A wedding beneath Bridal Veil Falls.
A wedding beneath Bridal Veil Falls.

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