Pick of the Clicks 5/24/14 – Bonus Edition!

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Hi friends,

I had a list of things I wanted to share with you last week, but when the weekend came our household unwillingly participated in a modern day experiment: life without WiFi. We found this updated version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to be true:


But we’re back, and so this week I have two weeks worth of gems for you. I’ll be quick: I know you’re anxious to get clicking.

Rachel Held Evans’ 3 Things You Might Not Know About Proverbs 31 is an EXCELLENT summary of the very best parts of her book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. If Proverbs 31 has ever made you feel kinda inferior, read this. If you know any women who are inspiring, read this. If you’re a guy, read this.

Marlena Graves’ The Words We Live By is a beautiful, life-giving reflection on dealing with critical words which sometimes make us feel we should just crawl under a rock and not even bother to show up anymore. I’ve been there, done that. I bet you have too. I think you’ll be encouraged.

Katelyn Beaty’s Who You Calling Brusque? is an excellent piece dealing with the recent firing of New York Times editor Jill Abramson: asking great questions of how women in the workplace are treated, and what a Christian response to that should be. I liked the use of the term “glass cliff” (as opposed to glass ceiling), and her astute observation that our perceptions need to be “less gendered and more gospeled.”

Nate Pyle’s Into The Wilderness tells the painfully honest story of him and his wife having to choose to terminate a pregnancy… it’s worth a read.

Lesley Miller’s The Last Time I Walked Away is a beautiful and thought-provoking piece on responding to poverty and homelessness on the street, especially when we feel so guilty and conflicted in the face of women and children who are destitute. Reading this gave me hope, new ideas, and zero guilt … i.e. worth your time.

Scott Berkun’s Why It’s Okay to Buy Books and Not Read Them is a must-read if you have a pile of unread books on your nightstand (or your virtual nightstand). Also, I learned this fabulous new word:

Tsundoku (積ん読) is a Japanese word that means ‘stacked readings’ or books you’ve bought but haven’t read.

Rita Templeton (aka ScaryMommy) 10 Things Moms of Boys Must Do is awesome. Just awesome. And awful. All at the same time.

Karen Swallow Prior’s ‘Empathetically Correct’ Is the New Politically Correct – a sane and insightful word in all this week’s discussion on trigger warnings.

Abby Norman’s guest post over at Zack Hoag’s: I don’t want to be your white savior. Good stuff to think about from a white woman who taught in the inner city…

Aleah Marsden’s Finding Joy – whether you are an optimist, pessimist or realist (with a hilarious comic to boot!)

For those of you who are old enough to remember that debonair mulleted hero MacGuyver, this is your bit of YouTube awesomeness for the week:

And then, from me….. I had a few things published in the past two weeks:

  • A real “journalism” piece, which was selected for honorable mention by Intervarsity’s The Well – Beyond Academics: Kelly Arispe and Spanish Linguistics. I was SO inspired by my interview with my friend Kelly, and learned so much about how people-loving a discipline like linguistics can be.

That’s all folks – Have a great weekend, and happy clicking!

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