Happy Bloggity Birthday

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A yeIMG_0185ar ago, I nervously took a risk. After an invitation to guest post over at Tim’s blog, I decided to collect a few of my thoughts and start a new blog of my own – and Bronwyn’s Corner was born.

Friends – I had NO IDEA what was coming. No idea that people would actually read my stuff. No idea that I would land up joining (and loving!) a most wonderful Writer’s Guild. No idea that I would start writing for other online publications.

I had never had any ambitions to be a “writer” – and so this past year has been one long, constant surprise. It has amazed me how much I’ve enjoyed it: writing feels like talking to friends and turning thoughts about life over with them as if we were drinking coffee together. I love that: it reminds me of my favorite parts of ministry.

Also – I had no idea how many online friends I would meet, and that some of them would turn into real life friends. I had no idea that I would get letters from readers saying “thanks, that’s just what I needed today.” Every time I get an email like that, it still amazes me.

And happy birthday to my little blog πŸ™‚ For its birthday, my awesome friend Corrie helped me give it a make-over. Cute, don’t you think?

So thank you, friends – for reading and encouraging me to keep writing. Thanks for sharing my posts and telling friends about it. Thanks for leaving comments. Thanks for making this little corner of the internet feel, to me, like an extension of my living room: a place for grace, caffeine and laughter.

I am so grateful for you all.

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25 thoughts on “Happy Bloggity Birthday”

  1. Bronwyn! Love the new look! It’s clean, cute and sassy, rather like you! I echo your thoughts and your surprise. Same with me. I had no idea God would use my blog as He has. Awesome to serve this way! Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  2. Happy bloggy birthday, Bronwyn and blog! I would love info about the bloggy makeover (and perhaps Corrie’s contact info?) xo.

  3. Hey Bronwyn. Congratulations on reaching your blogging birthday. I for one, am so glad you are doing this. Your blog is one of my favourites, a sane, biblical, thoughtful read from one of my favourite friends from many years ago. Well done and keep up the good work!

  4. Hard to believe you haven’t *always* blogged–and not just because I first got to know you about the time you started this! I appreciate your “voice” so very much!

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