Pick of the Clicks 5/31/14

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Happy weekend! I have some fun stuff for you!

My favorite nerdy cartoon this week:



From Lisa-Jo Baker: For the mom on her way to daycare drop off right now. As always, encouraging and right on the money.

From Lesa Engelthaler: Words – Poison or Fruit? (I was especially thrilled to read this one, a lovely meditation from a writer who feared writing because of her Winnie-the-Pooh type of spelling – Lesa will be writing for the Words that Changed my World series again soon!)

From Jen Wilkin: that which i did not sow (a beautiful reflection on hard, painful seasons and the redemption of wild tomatoes)

From Alia-Joy: Nothing (SUCH an encouraging read for the days when I feel I have accomplished ‘nothing’. Deep breath. Such a great read.)

From Hannah Anderson: Why do resources for women seem like ‘Christianity Lite’? SUCH good questions and thoughts in this one…

From Andrew Wilson: Twenty-Five Bloggers in One Sentence Each (if you read a bit in Christian circles, this was really fun)

From Lore Ferguson: Divorce and the good of children (beautifully written, and so thought-provoking)

From Karen Swallow Prior over at Her.meneutics: Female and Made in My Father’s Image (the post I wish I had written on the ‘should God be addressed as ‘She’ debate.)

From Jamie Calloway-Hanauer: As the world turns, reflecting in her kitchen among the daily suburban routine on her response to the HORRIFIC honor killings and violence against women. Masterfully written, and so important.

From Gloria Furman: Wisdom for Social Media (HT: King Solomon) – LOVED this, with a collection of proverbs rewritten for the smartphone age. One example to wet your appetite: “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his thumbs is prudent.” (Proverbs 10:19, kinda)

This collection of rare historical photos was AMAZING.

And your moment of YouTube awesome this week (in honor of So You Think You Can Dance starting up again). This group only took second place (!!!?! Robbery!!?!) and are proof that no matter what the music style, there is something incredibly beautiful about synchronized movement:

This week celebrated ONE YEAR of me trying my hand at writing: happy bloggity birthday to my little blog! Do you like the little makeover my clever friend Corrie gave it?

On my blog this week? a letter to my children on memorial day, and most read was The Intimacy of Toothbrushes (and Sex). But then again, anything with sex in the title always gets a lot of attention, doesn’t it? (Or maybe toothbrushes are more intriguing than I realized…)

As always – I’d love to hear from you. What have you read that caught your eye? Did you write anything fun? Leave a comment below! Happy clicking.

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9 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 5/31/14”

  1. Great links this week! I felt the same way about Karen’s Hermi post. Brilliant! Exactly what I was thinking. But much more coherent. 🙂 Thanks for doing this every week!

  2. Good list, except I did not care for the her.menuetics post at all and thought it was poorly argued. As my friend Marg noted on FB, “I do not call God “she” or “herself”, but I can’t see that the author makes a valid case for not doing so. She seems to have mistaken (what she calls) “God’s language” for grammatical gender. And using feminine pronouns does not change God’s name, which is one of her concerns..” It seemed like a “late to the game” post that unsuccessfully addressed the Rachel Held Evans/Owen Strachan controversy.

    1. I only saw part of the RHE/OS twitter discussion – I’d be interested if you erased and articles on this topic that you would recommend? I’d love to read them. Thanks for commenting, Gail – I love it when you stop by 🙂

  3. I always enjoy your Pick of the Clickses; thanks 🙂 Not sure about the divorce article. When I read it I thought yes, yes, i agree but as I think about it more I am not so sure. I have no personal family experience of divorce and broken relationships but there’s some of that going on very close to me at the moment and it’s on my mind a lot. I’d be interested to know what you think, though!

    1. Thanks for asking, Kate. I only have my own grid of experience from which to consider this too, and I think my parents were textbook examples of how to handle their relationships with their children well in the case of divorce. They worked hard to affirm and respect the other, it to ask us to take sides, and to maintain close relationships with us – which is rare, by the sounds of it. My parents were VERY young when I divorced, unlike The author here who was privy to all sorts of adult pain and understanding, i just remembered that they used to fight and cry together, and then they were apart and they didn’t fight any more. But I loved Lore’s writing and thought her point was worth considering. My pick if the clicks recommendations are not viewpoint endorsements as much as they are things I thought worthwhile to think about.

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