Pick of the Clicks 6/7/14

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So many goodies to read this week!

But first, a fun picture for your viewing pleasure:

my favorite piece of (random) art in Sydney, Australia.
my favorite piece of (random) art in Sydney, Australia.

And now onto clickable clicks….  here are my recommendations of awesomeness for you, fellow readers. Enjoy!!

Ami at Bunkers Down: How the Modesty Police Are Hurting My Son – stand up and applaud for this one, won’t you?

Peter Bach: The Day I Started Lying To Ruth – a husband’s account of his last weeks with his dying wife.

Kim Brooks: The Day I left my son in the car – I posted this on my facebook page (speaking of which, have you ‘liked’ it? Sometimes I post articles I’ve written on that page but don’t post them separately on this blog). This is one woman’s account of how she landed up being criminally prosecuted for leaving her son in the car for a few minutes. It is masterfully written, and raises some VERY important questions.

Susan Silk and Barry Gold’s How not to say the wrong thing is a little piece of genius on handling conversations when people are going through tough times. It establishes a legitimate kvetching order (and how can you not want to read something which has a diagram of a Kvetching Order!)

Katherine Willis Pershey: Venn diagrams, David Wallace foster and the unsexy ways of Jesus – including one of the best diagrams explaining vocation, calling, careers and mission, as well as some very wise and winsome insights.

Suzanne Burden: When We Close Our Wombs – a tender and brave reflection on infertility.

Rebekah: Am I Enough? – this one is for the moms of littles, who might feel that what they are doing is not worthwhile. Read this one.

Read a chapter of Marlena Graves’ new book A Beautiful Disaster which released this week. Go ahead, and see if 1) you don’t agree that Marlena has the wisdom of a sage and that 2) you don’t want to get your hands on this book ASAP so you can read some more chapters. Seriously.

Speaking of Piano: Margaret Philbrick’s book A Minor (my review here) features a gorgeous sound track…. and another Redbud this week also made her piano soundtrack available for a free download: check out Jamie Rohrbach’s Keys of David for some wonderful worship and soaking music.

The SF Globe’s 34 Powerful Ads That Made Me Stop and Think really did make me stop and think. Especially #6. and #34 gave me downright shudders.

A worthy and beautiful thing to tell you about: Allie Footwear’s Kickstarter Campaign: shoes AND social justice.

And from me? Well, probably the most read thing from me this week didn’t happen on my blog: it was a guest post about the slow-growing love affair between me and my husband. If you didn’t catch it, here’s the link to it: scanning the crowd for love.


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7 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 6/7/14”

  1. Ooohhh… now I have my Saturday reading all lined up. Thanks for doing the hard, time-consuming work of scouring the net so I don’t have to! 🙂

    1. Ha! And speaking of marvelous bits of yiddish, I laughed out loud at a little “oy!” thrown into your book while reading today 🙂

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