Pick of the Clicks 6/13/14

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Summer is upon us, and this is the last Pick of the Clicks until August 🙂

We have a full family schedule for the next 6 weeks, so ’til then, ENJOY this week’s roundup! So without further ado:

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. I’m considering getting my husband this bouquet:


I loved Ann Voskamp’s words about what really matters when it comes to Fathers who Do It Right: What our boys need in this economy their Dads work in.

However, some Fathers get it wrong, and that makes Father’s Day very painful. For those, read Leslie Leyland Field’s truly wonderful and wise What are fathers for?

Tim Krieder’s essay Controlling the Narrative is brilliant, thought-provoking stuff on the how and why people fight each other using words. The first paragraph has a lot of long words (and I almost wrote it off as being too academic to keep my interest) – but it becomes BRILLIANTLY insightful and MUCH more readable 2 or 3 paragraphs in. If you’re one who likes to read or write or listen to the news – consider this.

I came across this older article from Tim Keller – but it was new to me and SO refreshing: How to pray better in public, and in private too.

I appreciated the very helpful questions in this article from Sharon Hodde Miller: Why Your Teaching Isn’t As Effective As You Think –  (Thanks, Sharon!)

The ever-down-to-earth and yet mind-bogglingly insightful Glennon Melton nailed it this week with Beauty Routine – the secret to being beautiful every day.

The awesome story of Phin Lyman: Teenagers, It’s OK not to have sex. GO, PHIN!!!

With Calvin and Hobbes being semi-deities in our house, I couldn’t help but read (and recommend) this from Stephan Pastis: Every wish that Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson would return to the comics page? Well, he just did.

This little table was very helpful to me in figuring out some big parenting questions: Who does your kid love more: You or Dad?

Best book review this week: Jen Pollock Michel’s Deserts Bloom – a Review of Marlena Proper Graves’ A Beautiful Disaster. This review is worth reading because 1) it is so beautifully written itself and 2) it summarizes a book chock-full of wisdom and 3) includes some (literally) breath-takingly insightful quotes.

Even if it hadn’t been a guest post on this post, I would want to recommend Jamie Hanauer’s post on Tattoos and Cardigans to you as a pick of the Clicks this week. SO GOOD. Read it, in case you missed it.

And then on my blog this week:

Here’s my favorite video of the week – in honor of the World Cup and the Everyday Wonderful:

That’s all for this week folks! Happy clicking 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 6/13/14”

  1. Oh wow! That bouquet is fantastic!!! Of course, my husband would have to share it with me and our son. Our daughter would leave us three to it.

    Thanks for this links round up. I’ll have to take some time and work through them.

      1. I’ve spent a lot of time on #TakeDownThatPost today. I’ve learned a lot and want to be part of the solution: we need to educate ourselves about the narcissistic self-and-other-deluding behavior of sexual predators.

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